The all-new, fully digital coatmaster® Flex from coatmaster AG offers real-time, non-contact coating thickness measurement that can be optimally integrated into the production process.

Alongside its Advanced Thermal Optics sensing capability, the newly optimized coatmaster Flex now offers superior WiFi connectivity, an enhanced battery management system, and fundamentally revised software that promotes greater process control and automation. The fast and robust measuring process, featuring SpectralBlue® technology for completely disturbance-free operation, and the large measuring distance and high repeatability remain the same.

The new WiFi module enables wireless connectivity with the cloud of up to 100m range from the nearest access point. However, the capability to integrate and operate the device with a local server also remains an option. Meanwhile, the new state-of-the-art battery management system allows even more measurements to be taken with each individual charge.

Among the advantages offered by the revised software are automatic e-mail notifications about the production process, allowing greater and more immediate control over coating quality and powder consumption. New production tasks can also be managed directly in the cloud. This means that staff on the coating line only need to measure. Bidirectional communication with the coating lines means that new tasks can now also be automatically transmitted from the coating line to the coatmaster Flex. Continuous information on the applied coating thickness is automatically synchronized with customers’ coating or ERP systems, without even having to connect a single cable or establish a Bluetooth connection.

Andor Bariska, co-founder and co-CEO of coatmaster AG, said, “With this new generation coatmaster Flex, saving up to 30% on materials usage just became even easier. By taking coating thickness measurement into the digital age, we are empowering the industry towards greater productivity and profitability with real-time information about their processes.”

Dr. Nils Reinke, co-founder and co-CEO of coatmaster AG, said, “Our quest has always been about enabling our customers to achieve greater economy, sustainability and ultimately profitability. The seamless embedding of non-contact coating thickness measurement in the production process is our central concern. We have created the optimal conditions for this with our open communication interfaces.”

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