COLUMBUS, OH – To meet the continued strong demand, Hexion recently expanded its Portland, Oregon, manufacturing site to support its ArmorBuilt™ Wildfire Shield product. The latest capacity addition to the Portland site came online in the third quarter of 2021 after an earlier expansion in the first quarter of 2021.

Hexion reports that its ArmorBuilt Wildfire Shield offers a durable, fire mitigation safeguard for securing critical infrastructure. The state-of-the-art smart material that is triggered by heat protects a renewably sourced power infrastructure – wooden utility poles – while substantially minimizing the cost of disruption and repair. ArmorBuilt has also passed an industry-approved wildfire simulation burn test for fire resistance. With its insulating and self-healing properties, ArmorBuilt reportedly provides a safe and reliable burn-prevention material for a variety of industries that are potentially affected by fires, including wildfires.

“We are pleased to have such strong market acceptance of this much-needed product that focuses on protecting critical infrastructure from fires,” said Sanjeev Rastogi, Senior Vice President, Global Resins. “Initially we’ve focused on addressing the need of extending the lifespan of wooden utility poles. We believe our ArmorBuilt wrap can provide safety and performance for a variety of industries. For example, we expect that ArmorBuilt can play a critical role in fire hardening protection for other critical infrastructure, as well as several residential and commercial applications.”

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