WOLLASTON, UK – Scott Bader recently announced the formation of Scott Bader Italia, which is established to ensure the company serves its growing base of Italian customers operating in various markets including, marine, land transportation, and building and construction. The Scott Bader Italia office will continue to work closely with its strategically positioned Italian distributors for the distribution of its composite, adhesive and functional polymer product ranges.

Antonio Giampà, Sales Manager for Scott Bader Italia, joined Scott Bader in early 2021. He is an Aerospace Engineer with 15 years of experience in the composites market. Giampà said, “I am delighted that Scott Bader Italia has been established, and I look forward to working with our key customers and distributors in the region. I will put all my knowledge, expertise and passion to turn Scott Bader Italia into a successes.”

Learn more at www.scottbader.com.