WESTPORT, CT — Azelis Canada recently announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Hexigone, a UK-based manufacturer of smart corrosion inhibitors. Azelis will distribute Hexigone’s Intelli-ion®corrosion inhibitors across Canada. 

This new agreement, focusing on “chemically-intelligent” coatings, aligns with Azelis’ key strategies of sustainability and innovation. The Hexigone product range allows Azelis to provide new solutions for anti-corrosion coatings and applications. The agreement furthers Azelis’ strategy of organic growth with leading partners. 

Hexigone focuses on sustainability by replacing traditional heavy metals, phosphates and chromates with manufactured organic additives and aligns with Azelis’ commitment to sustainability. The Hexigone product range offers anti-corrosion properties for a wide range of platforms while being fully sustainable, partially manufactured from materials previously destined for landfill, and increasing metal assets’ lifecycles. Hexigone’s Intelli-ioncorrosion inhibitors can be used in a wide-range of products, including protective coatings, architectural and construction, military and commercial aerospace, automotive OEM and refinishing, and powder coatings.

Patrick Dodds, CEO at Hexigone, said, “We are excited to collaborate with Azelis to maximize on both companies' strengths to supply our customers with new market-leading solutions for anti-corrosion coatings. Azelis' clear focus on sustainability and innovation, along with the extensive technical expertise and formulation support capabilities are fully in-line with our priorities and make it clear that they’re the right partner for Hexigone.”

Chris Ellen, Coatings Industry Manager at Azelis Canada, commented, “The Azelis Canada team is eager to promote the benefits of Hexigone’s Intell-ion® corrosion inhibitors technology as a more effective and safer solution for most types of coatings. Intell-ion® provides the same or better protection than traditional corrosion inhibitors, they are more cost effective and more sustainability friendly — a real game changer in the coatings industry.” 

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