GREENSBORO, NC — AMETEK Surface Vision, a leader in automated online surface inspection solutions, has joined forces with Sensory Analytics, the source for SpecMetrix® Systems, in a strategic partnership that will provide customers with cost savings and improved quality and production. Both companies are committed to delivering actionable in-process measurements, enabling operators to make real-time, data-driven improvements that further enhance productivity and product quality.

AMETEK Surface Vision delivers flexible solutions for continuous production processes across multiple industries through its advanced SmartView® and SmartAdvisor® systems for monitoring and inspecting webs and surfaces. Sensory Analytics has become a global leader through its ROI and EXR technologies for real-time coating thickness and film layer measurement, used to power its SpecMetrix in-line systems, off-line QA solutions, and flexible OEM units.

The partnership will provide benefits to global coil coating, converting, and packaging companies that are processing flat-profile products. The benefits include a combination of solutions for in-process thickness measurement as well as surface detection and classification. 

AMETEK Surface Vision and Sensory Analytics will jointly develop new offerings that will provide customers with higher levels of data aggregation for the products they produce to maintain compliance with end market requirements. This will allow them to better understand processing performance and identify optimization opportunities.

Mike Hevey, Division Vice President and Business Manager at AMETEK Surface Vision, said, “Both companies operate in similar industries, with technologies placed up and down the same process lines. This partnership brings with it excellent synergies for our customers, as we can offer them unique integrated solutions. 

“With our Global Service Team, combined with Sensory Analytics’ leading technology position in coat weight and thickness measurement gauging, customers will have access to greater levels of service as well as pioneering technologies,” Hevey added.

Greg Frisby, Global Industry Manager for SpecMetrix Systems at Sensory Analytics, added, “We both share a commitment to customer support, technical innovation, process control, and quality improvements that are unmatched by other industry offerings. Our exclusive technologies are non-contact, highly precise, and complementary, creating significant potential for new, combined product and process data offerings that support industrial digitalization.”

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