Atlas is showcasing its state-of-the-art weathering instruments and new enhancements at Booth 1666. Products include:    

Ci4400 Weather-Ometer® with WXView II® Remote Monitoring

Designed for the world’s most advanced xenon-arc weathering instrument, the web-based WXView II data acquisition system enables easy access to test parameter and control system data from any Ci4400 instrument connected to a local area network.

XenoTouch II® Touchscreen

Two of the coating industry’s standard xenon-arc instruments for lightfastness testing – the Xenotest 440® and high-capacity SUNTEST XXL+® – have been upgraded to the new 10.1” (260 mm) XenoTouch II high-resolution touchscreen interface.

UVTest® Fluorescent/UV Instrument

Designed to quickly screen coating formulations for UV and hydrolysis resistance, the economical UVTest® is Atlas' top-selling fluorescent UV and condensation weathering instrument.

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