Elementis is launching its new Coatings Classroom and Performance Series at the American Coatings Show. The digital classroom is available online and is the place where the company compiled the expertise of its technical team to help improve formulations. You will find the information kept there to be a valuable resource for improving your products to meet your customer’s requirements. Visit https://www.elementis.com/classroom-coatings and stop by Booth 1729.


Performance Series Customer Benefits

Elementis launched the Elementis Performance Series recently to showcase its proven technologies and their ability to improve customers’ formulations. The Performance Series highlights additive packages that can be used together as a system or individually to create high-quality paint, adhesives or construction mortars.


“Our new Performance Series of ‘starting additive packages’ focuses on customer satisfaction and showcases the proprietary technology that we incorporate into our rheological additives, wetting and dispersing agents, defoamers, and adhesion promoters,” explained Chris Sieto, Head of Business Development for Elementis.


Elementis owns the only pure source of hectorite clay, and is known for its leadership in rheological additives that improve the flow and performance of all types of systems used in the paints and coatings industry. At low shear, the clay network generates high viscosity; and at high shear, the network breaks down to allow easy application during brushing, pumping, troweling and spraying. With this unique technology, Elementis’ team members work with customers to solve their rheological challenges.


Elementis provides its customers the advantages of global reach and extensive experience along with the agility, flexibility and responsiveness that is the embodiment of a values-driven approach to business. Elementis chemists and formulation specialists are well-equipped to address difficult product development challenges and deliver a solution that satisfies the most exacting requirements for product reliability, health, safety and environmental compliance.


“Our global technical staff and laboratories serve as an extension of our customers’ own resources. We can help customize products and solutions to support very specific applications. Working closely with our authorized distributors and our customers, we can develop and deliver innovative additives for waterborne, solvent and solvent-free systems. Our products enhance the final look, feel, application and stability of paint and coatings products,” commented Michela Fusco, Global Marketing Director for Elementis Coatings.


For more information on the Elementis Performance Series, visit Elementis.com/Coatings/Performance-Series.