To celebrate its 25th year, in addition to acquiring a 5M+ gallon capacity plant in 2021 to further boost production capabilities and quality, GDB International Inc. is showcasing its revamped product range at the American Coatings Show (Booth 1882) featuring eco-friendly coatings and products made under its flagship brand, Evolve.


The company recently announced it has developed a state-of-the-art paint recycling R&D center in Mt. Vernon, IL. This new research center will focus on providing environmentally friendly solutions in various segments of paint and powder coatings, ranging from the post-consumer architectural coatings, off-spec/distressed water-based and solvent-based coatings, and powder coatings. This centralized research center for GDB will be headed by Dr. Sagar Gade. Dr. Gade is a graduate of Missouri Science & Technology, with a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Dr. Gade has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of polymers and coatings. A team of distinguished professors headed by Dr. Vijay Mannari, Ph.D., Director of the Coatings Research Institute at the Eastern Michigan University, will oversee the first of its kind paint recycling training program.


Masters and bachelor's degree students from the field of paint and polymer technology will get an opportunity to earn project internships to learn the various aspects of paint recycling with a focus on environmental sustainability. Furthermore, GDB will launch a 3-day seminar in the Fall of 2022 to educate, promote and develop training programs to further the cause of paint recycling in the United States.


Over the last quarter century, GDB has grown into a multinational conglomerate within the global paint industry that excels in providing sustainable solutions. GDB has over 2 mm sq. ft of paint recycling and distribution facilities in North America where the company’s dedicated and hardworking team of 300+ employees have recycled over 120+ million gallons (1.2 billion lbs) of architectural coatings. Since 1993, the team of highly skilled chemists and R&D professionals have been working tirelessly to develop environmentally friendly solutions for the waste/ scarp generated within the paint industry.


Keeping the environment as its foremost priority, GDB’s paint recycling process adheres to a zero-waste policy. The company’s mission is to provide a sustainable solution for off-spec material to suppliers, offer economical paint to low-income families, and reduce waste streams to benefit the environment, and its growth is propelled by its constant need to innovate. The GDB Way encompasses a complete paint supply chain and turns it into a sustainable cycle by absorbing surpluses and post-consumer paint, leading the paint industry towards zero waste.


Following years of meticulous research and development, seeking the most viable environmental solutions for paint-related waste recycling, GDB today can re-utilize both oil and latex paints as well as raw materials in the most sustainable manner.


The company’s universal ‘cradle-to-cradle’ approach is at the center of its zero-waste policy, which begins with paint manufacturers, warehouses and distribution centers, paint retailers, consumer purchase, leading to the post-consumer program that brings paint back to our recycling center, where it is given a new lease of life.


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