GAINESVILLE, TX — Polychem, a division of IFS Coatings Inc., recently launched a new powder coating collection, named the Effects Collection. The Polychem Effects Collection features 11 interesting powder special effects that are available in many colors. The special effects include speckles, translucents, metallics, sparkle translucents, veins, patina effects, river textures, fine textures and dramatic illusion colors.

Lauren Bayer, Polychem Manager, said, “Polychem specializes in powder special effects and our customers wanted to see a good selection of the effect options that may be available to them. This collection showcases some of our most popular effects and enables a discussion on the available colors and whether they are also possible in custom colors.”

All Polychem powders, including special effect powders and custom colors and effects, are available in flexible quantities as low as 5lb, with free sample panels shipped out immediately.

Bayer continued, “Our altered RAL collection — whereby you can take any RAL and add a selection of effects to it — is extremely popular, but this collection showcases additional effects available in Polychem powder quickly and in flexible quantities.”

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