11. Cloverdale Paint Inc.

Surrey B.C., Canada


Rodda Paint Co.

Portland, OR


Chairman and CEO: Tim Vogel

2021 Coatings Sales: Approx. $337 million (combined)

www.cloverdalepaint.com   •   www.roddapaint.com

Cloverdale Paint operates manufacturing plants directly and through a subsidiary company, Rodda Paint Co., in Surrey, British Columbia; Portland, Oregon; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Mississauga, Ontario; Oakville, Ontario; London Ontario; and Calgary, Alberta. The company distributes architectural coatings and related products through 137 distribution points throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest, including Alaska. Cloverdale’s industrial maintenance, protective coatings and OEM products are distributed through its corporate stores and through industrial distribution service centers located in Surrey, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Mississauga, Ontario; London Ontario; Portland, Oregon; and Montreal, Quebec.
Notes:In April, 2022 Rodda Paint completed the acquisition of Primer Specialties located in Vancouver, Washington. This acquisition provides Rodda Paint with valuable capacity as well as an opportunity to participate in the “specialty primer” business in the Pacific Northwest.
Source:Company contact, company website