DECOGLO™ from Dunn-Edwards Corp. is an interior semi-gloss paint for cabinets, doors, and trim that complements the DECOPRIME interior primer. Together, they are a complete ultra-low-VOC paint system, providing a fast-drying and superior-quality finish.  

When used on properly prepared interior wood substrates, including furniture, DECOGLO is easy to apply. The project starts with DECOPRIME, a water-based wood primer that creates a sandable layer with excellent stain blocking and adhesion. Next, apply DECOGLO, a semi-gloss urethane modified acrylic that offers exceptional hardness for a long-lasting finish with an excellent shine. Used together, it reveals the look of enamel without the smell and long drying times of enamel-based paint.   

“Dunn-Edwards’ new additions of DECOGLO and DECOPRIME make a combination that differentiates from competitor products with its quality that makes it extremely long-lasting. Some of the features of DECOGLO, like its extreme scuff, block, and chemical resistance, are ones that customers have been looking for in a water-based coating but could never find,” said Tim Bosveld, vice president of product management. 

The advanced urethane modified acrylic technology in DECOGLO provides an exceptionally hard and durable finish. It also features scuff resistance, which can be defined as the physical damage that typically occurs on the surface of the finish. DECOGLO is block resistant and stands up to room temperature and elevated room temperatures, preventing painted surfaces from sticking together or peeling from the surface. It is also offers resistance to many household chemicals, making it easily washable. With good leveling and flow, it creates a smooth surface with a glossy finish. 

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