SIFCO ASC has continued its commitment to improving the selective plating process by revolutionizing its heated flow system. The newly redesigned TechnoFlow gives operators and technicians data logging capabilities, as well as improved safety features. The TechnoFlow units are designed to work with SIFCO Process® solutions that are best plated at an elevated temperature. The TechnoFlow 600 can hold over seven liters of solution, while the 1200 unit has a solution capacity of up to 12 liters. Both sizes contain no fuses and have internal circuit breakers as well as 24-volt finger-safe switches meeting UL and CE requirements.

One major improvement is the pump adapter plate which provides better access to the frame mounting screws, making removing the large 14 GPM pump easier. Improvements have also been made to the pump connector plugs. The new twist lock system guarantees a safe power connection, yet easy removal when needed. The TechnoPlate is also now equipped with CPVC plumbing linesproviding both sizes a bypass filter and allowing technicians to change the filter mid-operation for large applications.

SIFCO ASC's Engineering Manager, Derek Kilgore, said: "As well as making the overall electroplating process more efficient and user friendly in the redesign, we improved the safety features for operators. The system is now equipped with a PID temperature controller with auto-tuning functions, resulting in less overshoot of the set temperature, and has the ability to log temperatures throughout the operation for post plating review." 

The TechnoFlow has recently been incorporated into SIFCO ASC's new all-in-one plating system featuring dripless technology called the Advanced Solution Control System (ASCS).

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