Spencer Strainer Systems self-cleaning filters screen paints and coatings, removing oversize particles without filter elements or bags. Various sized models are available for continuous process flow of up to 100 gpm, 400 gpm, and 2500 gpm. Wedgewire or perforated screens of various openings are available and interchangeable, allowing one strainer to be used for multiple applications. With no bags or elements to dispose of, this technology allows users to meet their plant sustainability goals. In addition to paints and coatings manufacturing, Spencer Strainer Systems are a reliable, cost-effective solution for paint recycling. They are also well suited for many industrial process flows including oil, acrylic, polymers, biofuel, toothpaste, caulk, bath tissue, and more.

Product to be filtered enters the strainer through the inlet, with filtration occurring from the outside in. Screened particulate accumulates within the canister and is purged through the bottom drain as needed. Purged particles are piped away for disposal, recycling, or re-use. Spencer Strainers operate continuously as a sealed device, so product stays within the piping and out of the atmosphere, which is especially important for fast curing products like highway striping paint. They are suitable for aseptic operations and work well as pre-filters upstream of membranes, centrifuges, and other fine filter media. An optional mobile stand allows the units to be moved wherever needed. ASME Code construction is available. Food grade models are also available, as are those for wastewater screening applications.

For more information, visit: www.SpencerStrainer.com.