Arkema, together with a consortium of companies, is exploring and advancing the recyclability of post-consumer PET (from bottles and other plastic items) to regain monomers for reuse as raw materials for more sustainable polyester powder resins for the coating market. The project, entitled Suschempol, is led by the Spanish Superior Council of Science Research (CSIC) and was founded by the Spanish “Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación” and the “Agencia Estatal de Investigación” as part of “NextGenerationEU” Initiative.

“This project was a natural fit for Arkema,” Neil Tariq, global business director for Coating Resins at Arkema, explained. “As a leading provider of polyester resin for the solvent free powder coating technology, we are constantly exploring new paths, partnerships, and scientific research that advance the circularity of our products. We are excited by the long-term goals of this project and look forward to sharing more innovation with our customers and partners in the years to come.”

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