DKSH announced its acquisition of Terra Firma, a distributor of specialty chemicals in North America. Terra Firma represents premier suppliers in its core segments of CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers), plastics, and construction, as well as in agrochemicals, health and nutrition, and personal care. The Terra Firma business is complementary to DKSH, particularly DKSH’s existing CASE business globally.

DKSH believes in the industrial specialty chemicals sector as a key growth market and plans to continue investing in this industry to provide even better service and growth across all regions. Terra Firma will take the lead in DKSH’s North American organization. Maintaining the high service level for partners and customers will be its joint prime objective. DKSH will acquire at least 80% of Terra Firma with the remainder held by the company’s existing management team.

“Thomas Sul and Natale Capri, co-heads business unit Performance Materials, DKSH, are delighted to inform you about the expansion of our presence in North America, which is a strategic focus for our performance materials business. Terra Firma’s teams operate coast to coast and will accelerate our expansion into the North American specialty chemical distribution market, while we will provide their clients access to our global network. The Terra Firma acquisition is a milestone in the transformation of DKSH Performance Materials to becoming a global player.”

Tim Fetters, Terra Firma’s CEO, added, “Terra Firma’s strength is rooted in our ability to provide exceptional service, unmatched technical expertise, and a proven track record in helping companies grow. Terra Firma has earned an excellent market reputation by delivering value and significant growth to its customers and suppliers. By joining DKSH, we will be able to leverage our growth platform further and increase our presence in life sciences."

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