Benco Sales, Inc. has released an eco-friendly stripper focused on easing concerns about the use of acid-based strippers. B17e Eco-Strip is a water rinsable, non-methylene chloride chemical stripper for removing most coatings on all metals. The stripper quickly removes epoxies, polyurethanes, polyester coatings, electrocoat coatings, and non-catalyzed paints and coatings from vehicle wheels, frames, brakes, and parts, prior to powder coating or painting.

The B17e Eco-Strip is available in 275-gallon totes and 55 gallon drums. The stripper dissolves most finishes in 30 minutes to 1-1/2 hour, and must be heated to 190 °F-200 °F for optimum stripping. The stripper requires no testing – simply siphon, skim to remove debris, and replenish to top off. Low-odor makes B17e Eco-Strip perfect for larger powder coat operations. 


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