Since May 2021, Coval Technologies has built an international delivery system for its nanotechnology coatings through over a dozen major distributors in 32 markets. At least six new product distribution sites are expected to be open by the end of the year. Coval's proprietary coating technology forms a strong molecular bond with the surface where applied. It repels damage from chemicals, foods, oils, acids, and water to the underlying substrate, and is abrasion resistant.

Coval has provided products to cover millions of square feet of flooring in retail stores, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and homes. In addition, public park walkways, facilities, and fixtures, as well as artwork, public transportation system infrastructure, bridges, and cranes have been coated with Coval. Builders, industrial manufacturers, and facilities managers can purchase Coval’s products at any of the 35 locations that stock its products. With the assistance of Coval technical staff, distributors typically provide training to professional installers.

Coval products include Coval Anti-Graffiti, Coval Concrete, Coval Marine, Coval Metal, Coval Vinyl, and Coval Ultimate Top Coat. According to U.S.-regulatory environments, Coval coatings are considered low VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the United States. The installation process requires much less time and energy than traditional coatings, with a spray on application. Coval coatings are environmentally friendly throughout the maintenance of the surface, with mild detergents as the only cleaner needed to keep the surface clean. On vinyl floors, Coval's molecular bond eliminates the need for stripping and waxing, saving time, energy, and labor resources, and stops the use of harsh stripping chemicals and floor wax waste.

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