Compliance with the OSHA requirement for Grade "D" Breathable Air can be accomplished with the use of a Quality Air Breathing System - Model 50 SL, manufactured by Martech Services Company. According to Tom Wright, director of Sales and Marketing, when used properly, a Model 50 Single Line Hose System will work with the existing compressed air supply.  The Model 50 SL System will provide Grade "D" Breathable Air for a NIOSH approved respirator, and with the provided 54" tool air hose, it will supply air for a spray gun, all via the included single line hose assembly. Model 50 SL systems are available with 35” and 50” single line hose assembly.  A Model 50 SL will work with the existing compressed air supply.  The four stage filtration filters the air, and the onboard carbon monoxide monitor continuously monitors the air quality for compliance with current OSHA standards.

"Quality Air Breathing Systems are, by design, the affordable solution to providing the breathable air required to protect painters, blasters, and welders" Wright said.  "Complete systems designed to fit the user's facilities and needs, to include hoods, masks, and hoses are also available."

With the ever increasing awareness and need to properly protect workers while working in contaminated air spaces, systems are available that are designed for multiple users at the same time.  Accessories can even increase or decrease the temperature of the air supply for improved user comfort.


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