Valspar recently launched its 2023 Colors of the Year, a collection of 12 usable shades guaranteed to fit perfectly in anyone’s space. Valspar has forecasted color trends for more than a decade and aims to provide consumers with color inspiration and solutions that align with the always-evolving design trends.

Valspar’s color experts are continually researching and observing global lifestyle trends from culture, fashion, media, design, food, and technology. A dedicated team translates the latest cultural trends into forward-thinking color inspiration that speaks directly to consumers.

Valspar understands colors are a personal decision, so the latest collection with 12 different colors allows for all consumers to find a color that fits well within their space. The 2023 colors are focused on nature, heritage, and mindfulness, and each of the 12 colors is matched with a specific emotional tie. Inspiration from the past, along with local culture, will continue to enrich homes in the coming years, and while time may change things slightly, homes are still calling for nature's touch and comfort.

More recently, lifestyle changes have caused consumers to put their time, money, and energy into home DIY projects. Color is one of the easiest ways to refresh a room. Without doing a full redesign, a fresh coat of paint can make an old room feel brand new. Homeowners looking to upgrade their space are focusing on areas like bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces to affordably refurbish areas within their homes. 

For this year’s Color of the Year launch, Valspar looked to reach their audience in a new way and launched the Valspar Color-verse™. After seeing increased consumer interest in Web3 technologies and the metaverse, the brand decided to create its own metaverse, housed on

The Valspar Color-verse is a 3D environment featuring the brand’s 2023 Colors of the Year where visitors can experience the 12 Colors of the Year firsthand and seek inspiration to use the colors within their own space. The home includes three wings: The Paint Wing, Art Wing, and Game Wing. In the Paint Wing, visitors can use a 3D color palette to try all 12 Colors of the Year within the 3D house. Additionally, users can order free paint chips and try them out for themselves at home. The Art Wing allows visitors to paint nature elements inspired by the Colors of the Year, while the Game Wing is an experience for visitors to play a hyper-casual game, called the Dash to DIY. Launching into the metaverse was a unique opportunity to offer customers a virtual experience unlike anything Valspar has offered before. 

For customers who are looking for more traditional ways to pick out a paint color, Valspar offers several options. Customers often say that that picking a paint color is a bigger challenge than painting, so when it comes time to select a color, there are a few key considerations.

When considering a color for a home, it’s important to capture the character of color in its hue and undertones to complete the style and harmonize the flow of space. If your decor is connected to nature and textures, using simple and soft neutrals will elevate the relaxed mood. Dramatic and unique colors give a simple four-corner space a story and immersive experience. Also, elegant pastels are coming into our home to add an uplifting and fresh mood. Depending on the customer’s space, they might have different goals for what they’re hoping to achieve with paint. In general, bold colors attract the eye and create excitement within a room, while white and light hues reflect more light and give a clean look that can unite spaces. More importantly, the color placement in each space creates a cohesive flow. Using harmonious colors with similar undertones creates the perfect space that connects all activities. On, customers can see related shades within the same family, and also offer coordinating color recommendations for accent walls, trims, and doors.  As color trends and consumer purchasing behavior continue to evolve, Valspar is committed to color expertise and trend forecasting.