The Bolz style conical screw orbiting arm vacuum dryer-mixer, from Heinkel-Bolz, has been specifically engineered to meet the strictest requirements of the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and powder processing industries. The new dryer-mixer combines multiple processing steps into a single, fully enclosed processing system that delivers both product and facility environment safety, and utilizes fixed permanent connections for all aspects of the process.

The unit’s applications range from drying, de-aeration, crystallization, homogenization, heating and cooling, and the injection of liquids and gasses. The technology developed for these specific industries include orbiting arm or central shaft agitator designs, heated agitator to reduce drying times, and full CIP cleaning systems. Other advantages include low energy consumption, three-dimensional mixing of the product, and variable volume filling down to 20% of the unit’s total volume. Sizes range from 1 L to 5,000 L working volumes.

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