Evonik has developed a new line of tailor-made feedstocks, TEGO® Therm, that substantially improve the performance of thermal insulation coatings (TICs). The new product range includes two microporous silica-based granules, TEGO Therm HPG 4000 and TEGO Therm HPG 6806, as well as a heat-resistant, silicone-based binder, TEGO Therm L 300.

The three new coatings are characterized by insulation properties and heat resistance, even at temperatures of up to 250 °C. Insulation coatings based on TEGO Therm products substantially reduce energy loss, and aid occupational health and safety by significantly reducing the temperature of hot surfaces (safe touch). Insulation coatings also provide protection against moisture penetration and therefore corrosion under insulation (CUI). This significantly increases the service lives of coated items.

TEGO Therm-based insulation coatings are easy to apply. The TEGO Therm HPG 4000 granules, featuring larger particles of around 300 micrometers, are characterized by particularly low thermal conductivity at high temperatures. TEGO Therm HPG 6806, on the other hand, features finer particles (around 30 micrometers) and enables higher fill levels and ensures that coatings have smooth surfaces. Both granules are highly insulation-effective, offer mechanical stability, and are hydrophobic. Their inorganic structure also makes them non-combustible.

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