Birla Carbon, manufacturer and supplier of carbon black solutions, celebrates a decade of sustainability. The company has been reporting on its sustainability efforts on a webpage titled, ‘Decade of Sustainability,’ on the Birla Carbon website since 2013.

“Birla Carbon has been focused on sustainability to build leadership in its business, as well as a better future for all. With the discussions we see at COP 27 on sustainability, along with the target of achieving net-zero and maintaining a less than 1.5 °C elevation in temperature, the focus is on transitioning from plans to actions,” said John Loudermilk, chief executive officer, Birla Carbon. “This is what Birla Carbon is all about. Our sustainability report talks about our journey over the past 10 years. It captures our plans and focuses on the concrete actions we will take to achieve our aspiration of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This aligns with our position as the leader in our industry while ensuring we create a brighter future for our business and society”.

From designing and operating plants to interacting with customers and communities, Birla Carbon is guided by its sustainability strategy, Sustainable Operational Excellence (SOE). Birla Carbon has made significant progress in driving circularity, supporting its aspirations towards achieving its Net Zero target by 2050.

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