Dürr has developed a new generation of pneumatic vertical piston pumps that increases process reliability and requires less maintenance. The EcoPump2 VP can be used in many fields, such as mechanical engineering, metalworking, woodworking, and the furniture industry.

The new pump only needs one seal for most applications, and its fluid parts can be disconnected from the air motor with conventional tools via a quick coupling. The new air motor can operate without oil, reducing required maintenance compared to previous generations. The contactless changeover valves used to regulate the air motor changeover guarantee higher process reliability. Using quick-exhaust valves cuts changeover times, reduces pulsations, and improves performance.

With five different versions of the EcoPump2 VP covering a pressure range from 22 to 306 bar, the pump is suitable for applying paints, high-viscosity materials, and adhesives to furniture, steel constructions, and others. It can also handle acidic hardeners commonly used in the 2K process in the North American market without difficulty.

For more information, visit: https://shop.durr.com/.