Archroma announced the renewal of its EcoVadis Platinum status, and further improvement of its overall rating. Following an assessment by EcoVadis, covering 21 criteria grouped into four themes – environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement – Archroma further improved its score by four points (from 78/100 to 82/100). The company says the improvement is due to its ongoing efforts in sustainable procurement, focusing on supply chain transparency and best practice sharing with suppliers and industry peers.

“Our purpose is to lead our industry towards a more sustainable future for our customers and markets, and we are doing everything we can at Archroma to deliver on that ambition,” said Danielle Blomert, Archroma’s chief sustainability officer.

“We see sustainability as a true team effort, and the renewed EcoVadis recognition as a tribute to the hard work and ambition of all my colleagues to achieve and maintain the highest ESG standards every day, everywhere,” said Daniel Madueno, global head of Quality Management.

More details on Archroma’s sustainable sourcing activities can be found in the company’s Sustainability Report for its fiscal year 2022, released December 8, 2022. The Report includes an assurance report by KPMG, who conducted a limited assurance on several core ESG metrics, including CO2 emissions, water intake, occupational safety, and gender diversity.

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