Dragonfly Energy Holdings Corp., an energy storage company and producer of deep cycle lithium-ion storage batteries, has been awarded patent number US11,491,508 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent is for “systems and methods for dry powder coating layers of an electrochemical cell,” and is a step forward in the company’s mission to provide affordable and effective energy storage solutions, including the domestic manufacturing of all solid-state battery cells. This new patent adds to the company’s portfolio of dry powder coating for lithium-ion battery electrodes.

The patented powder coating system is part of the lithium battery manufacturing process, replacing methods which require a significant amount of time and expensive heavy machinery by forming a particle layer on a substrate through a dry powder coating spray process. Dragonfly Energy believes that this process will enable it to significantly reduce space and cost for lithium-ion battery manufacturing. More importantly, the process is integral to scalable production of a non-flammable solution for lithium-ion battery applications.

Dragonfly Energy’s all solid-state batteries will contain a solid electrolyte rather than liquid, making them lighter, smaller, non-flammable, and potentially cheaper to manufacture than conventional battery chemistries. Dragonfly Energy has validated its solid-state technology, and is optimizing the cells in preparation for production. While many battery manufacturers in the industry today focus on developing batteries for the EV market, Dragonfly Energy’s products focus on deep-cycle storage for grid, residential, and industrial applications.

“This patent is another significant achievement for Dragonfly Energy,” Denis Phares, Ph.D., CEO of Dragonfly Energy, said. “We have been developing dry powder coating processes for lithium-ion battery production for over a decade, and this newly patented process is a key piece of the foundation for manufacturing our all solid-state batteries here in the United States. Developing a domestically produced battery is critical to the country’s grid stability and our ultimate goal of revolutionizing grid storage.”

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