COLUMBIA, MOWINDGO Inc., a research and development company specializing in anti-vibration technologies, was granted U.S. Patent #9,759,286, designed to provide stabilization and vibration reduction in systems such as industrial automation, railways, automotive, medical devices, and adhesive binders for roadways and roofs.

The invention includes smart sensors that can measure amplitudes and frequencies of physical vibration within an adhesive or coated structure. These advanced material improvements will allow the Internet of Things (IoT) communication markets to access readings that have been impractical to integrate into products of the past. Innovations with these new adhesives will allow products to become stronger, more flexible and intelligent within applications like robotic skin layers.

WINDGO Inc.’s new patent protects invention claims based on a damping system for reducing the effects on a substrate caused by a disruption of forces containing a mixture of three-dimensional nanoparticles. The invention is based on material science technologies that evolved from the original works of inventor Fielding Staton. His invention of the Absorbud in 2013 has led to industry-changing advancements in macro-, micro- and now nano-based technologies.

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