Arxada: A pioneering leader with a powerful legacy

Arxada is a global specialty chemicals business with a world-class offering in Consumer Microbial Control, Industrial Microbial Control, and Specialty Products Solutions, providing a broad portfolio of differentiated products targeted at a range of end markets, supported by leading regulatory capabilities, IP expertise, and established track record in R&D. Arxada’s three businesses work closely together to provide complementary expertise and deliver unique, innovative solutions to help customers protect their products from harmful microorganisms, improve health and safety, and reduce their environmental footprint.

Arxada’s Industrial Microbial Control business

Industrial Microbial Control, or IMC, is the arm of Arxada dedicated to preservatives and additives in paints and coatings, marine antifouling, metalworking fluids, plastics, textiles, and energy. Arxada IMC offers customers new levels of control, performance, reliability, and sustainability, enabled by an extensive portfolio of products, and one of the largest global manufacturing and supply networks in the industry.

Built upon the powerful legacies of industry leaders such as Troy Corporation, Arxada delivers innovative solutions that enhance the performance of customers’ products. These solutions, coupled with Arxada’s expertise and support, enable customers and their products to be more efficient, more effective, and more sustainable.

Making daily life safer, cleaner, healthier, and greener

Arxada is committed to sustainability, and endeavors to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation. Arxada has created and instituted a product development process that goes beyond basic regulatory compliance and focuses on performance, environmental, and safety goals for the benefit of customers, employees, and end-users alike.

Arxada incorporates sustainable business practices in how the company manufactures, handles, and disposes of materials, and is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen for the benefit of customers, employees, neighboring communities, and the environment. One of Arxada’s priority initiatives is to identify areas for carbon footprint reduction throughout the company’s operations globally.

IMC’s industry-leading brands

Arxada’s brands, such as Polyphase® and Proxel®, are regarded globally as benchmarks for product excellence. The Arxada portfolio includes widely recognized brand names in the paints and coatings industry, and beyond.

  • Polyphase® — Dry-Film Preservatives
  • Troysan® — Dry-Film Preservatives
  • Fungitrol® — Dry-Film Preservatives
  • Densil® — Dry-Film Preservatives
  • Omadine® — Dry-Film Preservatives & Marine Antifouling
  • UmiGard® — Marine Antifouling
  • Proxel® — Wet-State Preservatives
  • Mergal® — Wet-State Preservatives
  • Nuosept® — Wet-State Preservatives
  • Troykyd® — Defoamers
  • Troythix® — Rheology Modifiers
  • Troysol™ — Substrate Wetting, Flow & Leveling Additives
  • Troysperse® — Dispersants
  • Effexel® — Specialty Additives
  • Troymax™ & Troycat™ — Driers & Anti-Skinning Agents
  • Powdermate® — Powder Coatings Additives


Arxada offers its unique Micropel® Antimicrobial Protection co-branding program to enable customers to differentiate their products on the shelf and communicate added value to end-use consumers.

Partnering with customers

Arxada offers a full suite of value-added services to support its customers worldwide, and to augment its broad product range. Arxada has field testing sites located around the world, as well as state-of-the-art technical service and development centers that provide a wide range of testing and support to customers, covering microbiology, application services, and more. Additionally, Arxada offers the unique TMMA microbial management program to assist customers to achieve contamination-free products and processes, and reduce total preservation cost.

Through custom solutions and market-focused expertise, Arxada's technical and related services help customers to produce high-quality products and to lead in the competitive marketplace. Building on the long-standing legacies of the companies that formed it, Arxada has the knowledge and expertise to add value to its customers' products and processes.

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