MÜNZING is a global specialty additive supplier with highly experienced R&D and technical service personnel in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Our complete range of specialty additives include:

  • CERETAN® and LUBA-print® – micronized and coated waxes and wax dispersions
  • DEE FO® and AGITAN® – Defoamers for printing inks, coatings, and adhesives
  • EDAPLAN® – Leveling and universal dispersing agents
  • METOLAT® – Wetting agents and dispersants for specific pigment groups
  • SÜDRANOL® and WÜKONIL® – Wax emulsions
  • TAFIGEL® – Rheology modifiers for printing ink and coatings formulations

MÜNZING offers technical service testing to focus on solving customer issues by duplicating the customer process and not by the generalization of formulation characteristics. We employ a wide range of test methods to reproduce the conditions that a coating experiences during manufacturing, packaging and application. MÜNZING’s broad range of additive chemistries, our extensive knowledge of customer applications and our highly skilled lab resources, allow us to develop products that offer optimal performance.