Plasmatreat GmbH has launched three new plasma nozzles for specialty applications. Plasma technology can be used to modify the surface properties of a wide variety of materials in order to prepare materials and material combinations for subsequent processes. During activation, the surface of the substrate – the non-polar plastic – reacts with molecules excited by plasma. In this process, oxygen groups are introduced into the top layer of the plastic, improving adhesion. This makes bonding, painting, printing, or gasketing easier – or even possible in the first place. For the environmentally friendly pretreatment, plasma is applied to the substrate using simple compressed air through a special nozzle. One of Plasmatreat's core competencies here is the application-specific coordination of distance, treatment width, and traversing speed, and the selection of the right nozzles for the process in question.

The new range includes:

  • RD2005PAD: a rotary nozzle for the coating of planar materials,
  • PFW10LT Openair-Plasma nozzle: for temperature-sensitive materials,
  • PFW100 Openair-Plasma nozzle: for flat surfaces.

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