Hauschild Engineering is expanding its equipment portfolio with three devices that can now hold and mix a gallon in a bucket. The new Hauschild SpeedMixer® SMART DAC 1100/1500/2000 LR series works with a particularly long radius (LR) for this purpose. The mixer features vacuum, robotics, vacuum robotics, sensor integration for temperature, gas, etc., variable counter rotation, QR code reader, remote control, and automatic pot cooling can also be selected for these devices.

Until now, the SMART DAC 1100/1500/2000 series of large-scale units could mix a maximum of 0.6 gallons of liquid, or up to two kilograms. Now, Hauschild is also equipping these mixers with an optional LR that allows mixing in a gallon bucket. The following units are now available in the gallon bucket size:

  • SMART DAC1100.3 FVZ LR  and SMART DAC1100.4 VAC-P LR
  • SMART DAC1500.3 FVZ LR  and SMART DAC1500.4 VAC-P LR
  • SMART DAC2000.3 FVZ LR  and SMART DAC2000.4 VAC-P LR

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