Konica Minolta has launched the CM-26dG spectrophotometer. CM-26dG is a portable sphere spectrophotometer with an integrated 60° gloss sensor allowing distinct color and appearance measurements within one instrument. CM-26dG spectrophotometer horizontal alignment can fit into narrow spaces and is convenient for high-precision color and gloss measurement of smooth or textured samples.

The CM-CT1 Configuration Tool software allows users to create/write instrument settings, as well as compile it into a file and share it within its supply chain to ensure instrument settings are consistent. The software is available as a free download. 

Key Features:

  • Inter-Instrument Agreement (IIA) within E*ab (MAV/SCI) 0.12 Average
  • Integrated 60° gloss sensor
  • Image-based workflows for easy and simple usage
  • Illuminated viewfinder for accurate positioning on patterned subjects or small parts

For more information, visit: https://sensing.konicaminolta.us/us/.