Brenntag has reported its financial results for 2022, and has announced a share buyback program and proposed dividend increase. Brenntag generated sales of €19,429.3 million with a growth of 27.7% compared to the previous year. Brenntag’s operating gross profit rose 20.3% compared to the previous year to €4,319.0 million. In an environment with product shortages and deliberate business choices, the company continued to benefit from good margin management and was able to generate high gross profit per unit. Brenntag also achieved the highest operating EBITDA ever of €1,808.6 million, a year-over-year increase of 26.7%. Brenntag reported an operating EBITA of €1,511.7 million in 2022, an increase of 31.5% compared to the previous year. Earnings per share reached €5.74.

Both Brenntag divisions strongly contributed to the group results with operating EBITDA for Brenntag Specialties rising to €780 million (+32%) and Brenntag Essentials’ operating EBITDA reaching €1,153 million (+28%). EPS stood at €5.74; Brenntag increased its dividend and will propose €2.00 per share (2021: €1.45). Brenntag’s share buyback program will enable the company to repurchase shares in a volume up to €750 million over the next 12 months.

“Our excellent operational and financial results demonstrate the resilience of Brenntag and its business model as well as our ability to act as a reliable partner under adverse and volatile circumstances,” said Christian Kohlpaintner, chief executive officer of Brenntag SE. “Our Brenntag colleagues around the world made these remarkable results possible while delivering in parallel on our ‘Project Brenntag’ targets and developing our ‘Strategy to Win’ to exceed market growth. We can be proud of these collective achievements, and we are on the right path to shape the future of our industry.”

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