The industry's latest offerings

Photoluminescent Dispersions
TriVona Innovations, LLC
Company has developed a series of submicron, long-afterglow universal photoluminescent dispersions. These dispersions are highly concentrated and manufactured to minimize or eliminate settling and to provide ease of incorporation into a variety of coatings, inks, plastics and polymeric systems. They have been formulated to provide maximum glow properties and optimized particle distribution. These liquid concentrates are cost effective, stable and very easy to blend with water-, solvent- and oil-based systems.

Molecular Chain Extenders
Huntsman Performance Products
JEFFLINK® 754 and JEFFLINK 555 products have been designed to give slightly slower reaction times in coating systems for flooring and construction projects. They work by extending the molecular chains in formulations to ultimately provide extra seconds during the final product's application process - a step vital for achieving optimum physical and chemical resistance and for controlling the final appearance of large-scale surfaces. The products are light-stable and will not discolor or yellow over time, making them perfect for aliphatic applications where the final product needs to be resistant to ultraviolet light exposure. Visit

Potters Industries Inc.
SPHERICEL® 60P18 and SPHERICEL 34P30 hollow glass microspheres offer improved scrub and burnish properties, viscosity control, thermal insulation and sound-dampening characteristics, improved performance, and other functional properties. Because they are made of colorless glass, they do not discolor light or pastel formulations. Their hollow structure, low density (0.60 and 0.34 g/cc) and small particle size make them ideal for use as extenders for paint formulations. Visit