the industry's latest offerings

Inorganic Pigments
BITAN™ inorganic high-performance pigments serve as replacements for lead chromates and for blends between organic HPP pigments and TiO2. BITAN offers a better cost/performance ratio than pigmentations based on TiO2/organic blends, conventional bismuth vanadates, chromates and cadmiums. Application properties include full color saturation, high gloss, weather and light durability, low abrasiveness, high heat stability and very high opacity.

Fumed Zinc Oxides
AdNano® fumed zinc oxides increase the lifetime of outdoor coatings by providing effective stability at high temperatures and long-life protection. They offer excellent dispersion capability and transparency. The highly accessible surface area of AdNano zinc oxide opens up the possibility for a number of other applications, including corrosion protection for coatings. In some instances, it will be possible to reduce the quantity of zinc oxide used by substituting AdNano fumed zinc oxide for non-fumed grades of zinc oxide. Call 888-SILICAS.

Alkyd Emulsions
Cytec Surface Specialties
RESYDROL® VAF 6111w/60WA and RESYDROL AF 6120w/62WA coating emulsions are 100-percent alkyd and use patented, core-shell carrier technology, which means trim enamels, wood coatings, wall coatings and stains can be developed to give excellent performance properties with VOCs as low as 0-100 g/L. With these emulsions, formulators can eliminate the need for amine neutralization or a coalescing solvent. Visit

3M Specialty Materials Div.
3M™ Novec™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4434 can simplify and speed up the processing of coatings formulations by eliminating pre-dilution, pre-weighing, pre-measuring and pre-heating. The water-soluble, low-odor, general-purpose nonionic fluorinated surfactant may be used as a flow and leveling agent in a variety of applications, including inks, paints and coatings, polymers, adhesives, waxes, polishes and caulks. Visit