products to watch for

SEI Chemical

SEI Paint Proofer WPA-100 offers features such as prevention from mold and mildew, and damage caused by moisture intrusion, freeze-thaw and weather extremes. The additive offers protection from peeling, color fading and water spotting. The water-based, acrylic micro-emulsion additive can be mixed with latex paints and stains.

Surface Specialties, Inc.

Vancryl® 2700 is a low-VOC/low-HAP resin solution that can improve gloss in low-viscosity/high-solids inks and coatings used in applications with exacting emission control regulations. Vancryl 900 is a high-clarity emulsion that gives a glossy finish with good adhesion to paper, board and metallized substrates. Vancryl 910 is a grease-resistant emulsion designed for use in inks and coatings that may come in contact with oils, fat or butter. Vancryl 980 is a low-curl emulsion that minimizes paper curl without the use of urea. Visit

Alternative to Acetone
Eastman Chemical Company

Eastman Methyl Acetate is a non-HAP, VOC-exempt replacement for acetone. Methyl acetate has a higher flash point than acetone and also offers hydrophobic properties, resulting in improved cost and performance benefits over acetone in some applications. Compatible with a broad range of resin systems, the product is suitable for coatings formulations including wood, aerosol and automotive coatings and printing inks. Visit


Company offers the high-fastness pigments Hostaperm® Yellow H5G, Hostaperm Red Violet ERX/ERX-WD, Hostaperm Blue R5R and Novoperm® THI Red 4G 70. Further products are Hansa® Brilliant Yellow 2GX 70-S for industrial and architectural finishes, Novoperm Red F3RK 70-PCA and Hostaperm Red Violet ER-PCA for powder coatings, and the considerably extended range of phthalocyanine-blue pigments. Visit

Adhesion Promoter

AdBloc adhesion promoter has the lowest hazardous air pollutant (HAPs) content of any comparable product on the market. AdBloc will help manufacturers of plastic automotive parts meet Federal emission standards for HAPs, while meeting or exceeding industry standards for adhesion and resistance to humidity and gasoline spills. Visit