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Branched Chain Polyol

Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd.

TOE-2000H polyol features a paraffin-like main chain and ethoxy-group side chain. The structure offers performance and processing advantages, including good compatibility with solvents. Adhesion, particularly with plastics, is excellent. In addition, polyurethane polymer films using TOE-2000H exhibit enhanced transparency and volume resistivity. Call 212/319.5353 or visit

Wax Additives


This company’s line of wax additives contains over 60 additives for various applications such as architectural coatings, wood, can and coil, industrial coatings, powder coatings, and printing inks. The additives are offered as waterborne wax emulsions; waterborne and solventborne wax dispersions; solventborne wax precipitations; and micronized waxes for waterborne, solventborne and solvent-free systems. They are used to improve the surface properties of coatings, adjust rheology and control the orientation of effect pigments. E-mail or visit

Polyolefin Waxes


Licocene® are polyolefin waxes manufactured using metallocene catalysts – in short, they are “metallocene waxes”. What makes them unique is their property profile, which can be optimized and tailored to suit diverse applications. The family of waxes includes polyethylenes and focuses on specialty grades of polypropylenes and copolymers. Call +49 821 479-2515 or visit

Effect Pigments

The Shepherd Color Co.

The StarLight™ product line has been developed using innovative MicroMirror™ technology to obtain brilliance and sparkle in a variety of different applications. MicroMirror technology is produced through the use of a well-defined glass base, which is uniformly coated with metallic silver. The glass base provides the StarLight products with an optimum surface for maximum reflectivity. A unique feature of the product is that the edges are coated, making the effect visible at any orientation. Additionally, the sparkle can be created at low pigment levels and can even be achieved with opaque pigments. Call 513/874.0714 or e-mail

Wetting/Leveling and Flow-Control Additives

EFKA Additives USA, Inc.

This company introduces three new products designed to influence the surface tension of solventborne coatings, improving flow, wetting and crater resistance. EFKA-3600 is a polymeric fluorocarbon compound that offers excellent compatibility in systems such as stoving enamels, two-pack polyurethane and epoxy coatings, and air-dried alkyd systems. EFKA-3600 is 100%-active material and is available in a 50%-active version, marketed as EFKA-3650. EFKA-3299 is an organically modified polysiloxane that effectively increases slip, surface smoothness, and gloss. Call 866/ASK.EFKA or visit

Blue Pigment

Holliday Pigments Ltd.

This company has launched Ultramarine TR, a pigment specifically formulated for special-effect coatings. Ultramarine pigments are naturally transparent in coating systems. This is because the pigment refractive index is similar to that of the binder systems in which it is used. The result is a pigment with the transparency of a dye, but with the fastness of a pigment. Call +44 1482 388751 or e-mail


Interpolymer Corp.

This company introduces its new polymer for high-solids, high-speed, buffable floor finishes with excellent initial gloss and repairability. When properly formulated, Megatran® 248 produces floor finish formulations that are also easily applied and repaired. Due to high-solids content, formulations based on the patented polymer require fewer coats than are needed with conventional low-solids formulations. E-mail