The industry's latest offerings

Huntsman Performance Products
SURFONAMINE® amines can be used for pigment modification, for the synthesis of unique dispersant molecules, and as stabilization agents and dispersion aids. Designed to lower viscosity and reduce shear thinning, formulators will be able to use the hydrophilic or hydrophobic nature of the amine molecules to increase pigment loading in aqueous dispersions or pigment pastes. The additives do not impact on pigment color or effectiveness.

Degussa AG
Methacrylates are most suitable as monomers for pigmented basecoats and clearcoats, and offer paint manufacturers an array of opportunities to adjust properties to their requirements. Company offers a number of innovative building blocks for the coatings industry, such as MMA, butyl-, hydroxy-, cyclohexyl-, isobornyl-, and long-chain alkyl methacrylates, as well as across-the-board application expertise. Call +49 (0) 69 218 2689.

Automotive Resins
Cytec Surface Specialties
VIACRYL SC 2960/75 modified thermosetting acrylic resin is designed for 1-pack clearcoats. It offers high solids, excellent scratch and weather resistance, and outstanding mechanical properties after cold check test. RESYDROL VAZ 6605w is a waterborne urethane-modified alkyd resin for very low-bake automotive primer surfacers. RESYDROL AZ 6612w is a waterborne urethane-modified polyester resin for self-crosslinking, non-yellowing automotive primer surfacers with excellent mechanical properties. Call +32 (0)2 559.91.43.

BYK®-SILCLEAN 3710 is an additive for UV-curable coatings in solvent-free systems. It is designed to meet the requirements of furniture and industrial applications like reduced dirt adhesion, improved cleanability, and water and oil repellency, as well as increased surface slip. CERATIX® 8466 is an aromatic-free wax additive for solvent-based basecoats that improves the orientation of the effect pigments and reinforces the flip-flop effect. BYK®-P 9080 is a new processing additive that has been developed for Low Profile SMC and Class A SMC systems. Its excellent separation characteristics make the use of conventional mold-release agents redundant, resulting is an improved surface quality of the molded part, as well as better paint adhesion and bondability. Call +44 (0) 16973 22110.

Powder Coating Additives
The barium-sulfate-based functional additives Sachtofine P and Albawhite 10 optimize the properties of powder coating systems. Sachtofine P decisively improves the flow characteristics of powder coating systems in thin films and helps to reduce costs via partial replacement of titanium dioxide, whereas Albawhite 10 assists in precise adjustment of the powder coating's gloss levels to match the customer's requirements. Call 215/440.9800.