Industry manuals, brochures and catalogs

Top-Entry Mixer
Chemineer, Inc.
The QEDPlus top-entry mixer line is designed for mid-range fluid-mixing applications. Full-color brochure features the three QED models: the QED-D for open-tank applications; the QED-A flange-mounted configuration with stuffing box; and the QED-L flange-mounted design with lip seal.

Fumed Silica for Powder Coatings>/b>
Eight-page brochure provides information on the use of AEROSIL® fumed silica and AEROXIDE® Alu C in powder coatings, including guidelines on their use in powder coatings formulations. Utilizing these products, customers in the powder coatings industry can expect improvements in free-flow characteristics, processing rheology, flow during deposition and storage stability. Call 732/981.5309 and ask for Literature Code L-2126.

2004 Standard Reference Materials Catalog
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) have been used by NIST as vehicles for transferring measurement science and technology, through channels of industry and commerce, to the nation at large. This system continues to evolve to satisfy more-demanding measurement requirements as well as increasing demands on quality and traceability. The catalog lists these reference materials with carefully assigned values for chemical composition and physical properties. Call 301/975.6776.

Copolymer Dispersions
Brochure showcases Michem® Prime EAA copolymer dispersions. These dispersions provide the functional advantages of solvent coating systems without the health, safety and environmental issues associated with solvent products. They are an excellent coating or additive choice for a variety of markets, including binders for nonwovens, extrusion coatings, flexible film coatings, graphic arts, laminating adhesives, and many more. Call 877.ADDITIV.

Chemical Intermediates
Solvay Chemicals, Inc.
A new eight-page brochure, Focusing on Chemical Intermediates, highlights a range of products and their uses in the chemical intermediates industry. Among others, epichlorohydrin, in the manufacture of epoxy resins; and hydrogen peroxide to implement various oxidation reactions in the chemical industry. From precipitated calcium carbonate's use as a functional filler; to crosslinking agents such as polyglycerols; the chemical intermediates reviewed are many and varied. Visit