The industry's latest offerings

Interpolymer Corp.
Highly crosslinked for durability, Megatran® 233 polymer is a low-viscosity, 40% solids acrylate copolymer designed for durable floor finishes. Megatran 233-based floor polishes can be formulated to solids levels up to 35%. Formulations perform well over a wide range of temperatures and humidities.

Crosslinking Agent
Cytec Industries Inc.
CYLINK® 2000 crosslinking agent is a formaldehyde-free resin for applications requiring exterior durability and acid etch resistance. It is recommended for high-quality solventborne and waterborne thermosetting finishes. Visit

TPU Resin
Sartomer Co.
Poly bd® 2035 thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resin is based on unique polybutadiene polyols. The resin is designed to enhance the performance of films, adhesives, sealants, coatings and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) when compared to conventional TPUs based on polyether or polyester polyols. The product is also an excellent candidate for polymer modification of traditional polyolefin and engineering polymers for enhanced properties. Visit

Platelet Nanotechnology
Nanova, LLC
NANOTALC®, a ~ 100 nanometer, high-aspect-ratio platelet with unique hydrophobic/hydrophilic surface properties has been easily dispersed into a variety of coating formulations to provide increased physical performance. Evaluation of the produced films at a 5- 20% loading show excellent gloss and clarity, as well as improved barrier properties; scratch/mar, chemical, thermal, impact and corrosion resistance; and excellent film formation and adhesion. Visit

The Shepherd Color Co.
Company has introduced a chrome-free line of pigments for coatings, consisting of a black, two blues, a green, a yellow and a brown. Containing no chromium at all, these pigments will permit a wide range of colors to be formulated and replace pigments containing chromium to meet current and future legislation. Visit