ZUMIKON, Switzerland/LEVERKUSEN, Germany - "The driver and not the technology should be the focal point of a car," observes the head of Rinspeed, Frank M. Rinderknecht, summing up the fundamental idea behind his latest concept car: the "Senso." Presented jointly by the famous Swiss automotive design and solutions specialist, Rinspeed, and Bayer Material Science, one of the world's largest plastics producers, at the Geneva Motor Show in March, Senso was developed in cooperation with the experienced engineering specialist, Esoro.

The Senso, which runs on environmentally friendly natural gas, has been labeled the most sensuous car in the world. The Senso actually "senses" the driver by measuring his (or her) biometric data and then exerts a positive effect on him with the help of patterns, colors, music and fragrances. A person who is relaxed and wide-awake simply drives better and more safely.

The whole project is based on an elaborate sensory system that forms the heart of the vehicle. It consists of a number of sensors that have the job of gathering data about the driver's condition.

An innovative electroluminescent film technology developed by Bayer Material Science and the Swiss electronics specialist, Lumitec, bathes the cockpit in dazzle-free ambient light. This "smart surface technology" is celebrating its world premiere in the automotive industry.

The makers have used a number of high-tech materials, such as the fully recyclable composite for the bodywork. The striking Speedster windshield is made of high-grade Makrolon® polycarbonate. The window has a scratchproof coating and weighs little more than half as much as a conventional car windshield. It is also considerably more break-resistant and opens up entirely new possibilities for car designers.

The eggshell matte special-effect finish on the Senso, which was produced using coating raw materials developed in Bayer's laboratories, is truly custom-made and only available for the Rinspeed Senso. A clearcoat of the same shade in the interior additionally provides a pleasant, soft-feel surface.