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Ciba Specialty Chemicals has introduced IRGACURE(r) 754, a novel, low-odor photoinitiator for UV-curable coatings. The material ensures fast and efficient curing and is subject to negligible yellowing after cure. The product is designed mainly for clear coats used to protect plastics and wood. It is suitable for conventional and waterborne systems, including polyurethane acrylate dispersions. For more information, contact Sylvain Huguenard, phone +41 61 63 65958; or e-mail sylvain.huguenard@cibasc.com.

Dock Resins Corp. is offering three solid, thermoplastic ketone-formaldehyde condensates in the United States, Canada and Mexico. DORESCO(r) MIS265-1, DORESCO MIS265-2 and DORESCO MIS265-3 find application in the formulation of nitrocellulose coatings, flexographic printing inks, ball pen inks and paint. The series exhibits good intercoat adhesion and can be formulated into tie coats and primers. For more information, call 908/862.2351 or visit www.dockresins.com.

The Dow Chemical Co. introduces DOWICIL(tm) QK-20 antimicrobial for bacterial hygiene problems in paint-manufacturing environments. The product is a fast-acting and economical biocide used to clean up potential sources of contamination without requiring shutdowns or production delays. It also works well in enhancing the performance of in-can preservatives, allowing for lower use levels and a potential decrease in overall preservation costs. For more information, call 800/447.4369.

Elementis Specialties introduces

RHEOLATE 450, a HASE thickener that offers stability across a wide pH range, allowing easier formulating and fewer problems associated with pH fluctuations. The thickener provides improved compatibility with 0 VOC and low/no-odor systems, as it can eliminate the need for a neutralizing agent. For more information, visit www.elementis-specialties.com.

EMD Chemicals, Inc., introduces Biflair(r) pigment dispersions containing semi-transparent BiOCL crystals, which are produced synthetically and offered in different dispersions for various binder systems. Biflair creates bright highlights interchanging with deep and saturated color effects, offering a high degree of opacity and whiteness with a cool, bluish cast. These pigment dispersions can be used in a range of applications, including printing inks, graphic arts coatings, paints and industrial coating systems for metal, plastic, wood and leather. For more information, visit www.emdpigments.com, or call 888/367.3275.

International Specialty Products Inc. introduces Rapi-Cure(r) DVB1D (butanediol divinyl ether) to its family of reactive vinylether monomers for radiation-curing systems. The product is a unique and versatile monomer due to its water solubility and difunctionality. The ether groups impart water solubility, while the vinyl groups undergo cationic polymerization and free-radical co-polymerization. For more information, call 973/628.4123.