The latest offerings from the Industry.

Bone Black Pigments

Ebonex Corporation

High quality Bone Black pigments manufactured in our Melvindale facility are the culmination of many years of development in production and processing. Our pigments have superior masstone and jetness and impart a matte finish without the need for additional flattening agents. Bone Black pigments are non-conductive and provide excellent coverage for conductive sensitive applications. Great pigment to vehicle ratio and are easily dispersed.

Phenolic & ARYLZENE® Resins

Georgia-Pacific Resins, Inc.

Georgia-Pacific Resins, Inc. offers an extensive line of solvent-based, waterborne, and crosslinking phenolic resins for optimum performance of industrial and specialty coatings. GPRI's patented ARYLZENE® resins offer a unique combination of hardness, toughness, adhesion, and viscosity reduction with diverse functionality and formulating latitude. Technical brochures are available. Please contact us toll-free at 866-4GP-CHEM (447-2436) or visit our Web site -



Mace Company

  • Resins for architectural and industrial coatings

  • Polyurethane/acrylic blends & hybrids

  • Custom designed coatings

    New Feature Product: Macekote® 8539, new and unique technology for the next generation in performance resins. Superb alkali & chemical resistance, unusually hard films without being brittle, good adhesion, excellent for high performance wood or industrial coatings, crosslinkable, blends with most acrylics. Sward 89, Tensile PSI 11,200, Gloss 91

    Mace Company (est. 1965)

    Toll Free 888-205-8126, Fax 508-943-6527

    email: Web Site:

    Dispense System


    Systems Inc.

    A dispense system from Novaflow delivers improved quality and lower costs, greater blending accuracy, faster mixing, reduced waste and improved inventory control. And what it can do for your bottom line in this competitive business climate is nothing short of extraordinary.

    Novaflow Systems Inc.

    P.O. Box 269, 991 Industrial Road, Prescott

    Ontario, Canada K0E 1T0

    Tel. (613) 925-5926 Fax (613) 925-5928


    Flex Products, Inc.

    Visit for product & technical information about ChromaFlair® light interference pigments and SpectraFlair™ pigments from the ColorShift™ Effects Leader. New SpectraFlair™ pigments create exciting 'liquid silver' look. These pigments add new dimensions to automotive and industrial coatings, plastics, textiles and consumer products.

    Contact: Flex Products, Inc., 1402 Mariner Way, Santa Rosa, CA 95407-7370. Tel: 707/525-7007 Fax: 707/525-7537 Email: or

    Measure Color... Measure Quality

    HunterLab, Inc.

    The ColorFlex is a completely self-contained color measurement system for the paint & coating industry, and is an ideal quality control tool. Measure the color of solids, powders, pastes and liquids.

  • Large easy-to-read LCD graphic display

  • Very easy to use

  • Automatic Pass/Fail indication

  • Includes all widely used color scales and illuminants

  • Printer or computer output

    HunterLab, Inc., 703-471-6870, Fax 703-471-4237,

    Drum Handling Catalog

    Morse Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    New, full color drum handling catalog shows over 100 models! Extensive descriptions, specifications, new products, plus sources for more information, fast response and help. Over 100 products include Karriers, Rotators, Cradle Trucks, Hand Trucks, Fork Attachments and Below-Hook models. The broadest line of drum handling products.

    Morse Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    Ph: 315-437-8475

  • Fax: 315-437-1029


    Low-cost Reflected Color Measurements

    Ocean Optics Inc.

    Ocean Optics offers low-cost spectrometers for measuring the color of solids and liquids, as well as LEDs and other lights. Our USB-compatible systems come with a variety of fiber optic probes to handle any kind of sample. Software displays XYZ, L*a*b* and tristimulus values for CIE1931 and CIE1964. NIST-traceable standards provide certifiable results. Contact us at or visit

    Surface Tensiometers

    SensaDyne Instrument Div.

    Solve coating formulation problems with SensaDyne Surface Tensiometers for laboratory and in-process applications. Formulators can improve transfer, spreading and adhesion of inks, coatings and other formulations by testing for, and choosing surfactant and additive combinations that provide the best Dynamic Surface Tension Profiles. Fast, accurate results make these instruments perfect for R&D or Quality Control applications. Contact SensaDyne at (480) 924-1744 or visit for more information.


    Packaging Systems

    Tel: 425-317-9818 Fax: 425-317-8597

    Quart, Gallon, Pails and Drums

    Fillers, Lidders, Denesters and Palletizers

    Controls and Turn Key Systems

    Coatings Adhesion Tester

    SEMicro Division

    M.E. Taylor Engineering, Inc.

    PATTI adhesion testers provide accurate quantitative measurement of the pull-off strength of your paint, adhesive, or coating. A patented, self-aligning system uses compressed gas to apply a continuous load to a pull-stub mounted on the test surface. Push button operation eliminates operator bias. Meets ASTM D4541 and other standards. The Model 110 features digital readout. Ask about our new "PIPS" instant pull-stubs. For details, call SEMicro at: 301-975-9798, e-mail us at or visit us at

    Fluoroadditives for Coatings

    DuPont Zonyl®

    DuPont Zonyl® Fluoroadditives for Coatings include:

  • Zonyl® Fluorinated Surfactants - cost-effective high-performance wetting and leveling additives for paints, adhesives, inks, and other coatings.

  • Zonyl® Surface Protectants - developed to modify coated surfaces to improve cleanability and soil repellency and to reduce or prevent blocking.

    Visit or call 866-828-7009 for information or samples.

    DuPont Zonyl® fluoroadditives have the wetting power to overcome surface contamination, making for a defect-free coating. Left, painted surface coated with Zonyl®; right, untreated surface.

    Self-Cleaning Liquid Filters


    The VORTI-SIV Division of MM Industries in Salem, Ohio U.S.A. highlights its VORTISIV ®/ Airpel® range of self-cleaning inline filtration equipment. Shown is our Model 300LP-EX extra capacity filter unit. This all stainless steel model is driven by a pneumatic or electric explosion proof motor and drive, which allows the screen element to be effectively cleaned by two (2) wiper blades. A special "rotor blade" spiral and screen stabilizer, externally positioned on the screens exterior surface, efficiently moves oversize debris toward the dump valve. The system is available with 1 1/2", 2", 3" or 4" inlets & outlets, automatic dump valves, an air or electric differential pressure-actuated control package, and optional heat-jacketed filter vessels. Paint and coating flow rates range from 30-100 gpm. The filters are supplied with wedge wire or perforated screen elements from 15 to 3000 micron.

    CMA series Small Production Disperser

    D.H. Melton

    The CMA-150 is an air lift, variable speed high shear disperser designed for 1 gallon to 10 gallon batches. The standard machine has a 1.5HP, 4200 RPM motor, with 14" airlift. Options include explosion proof motors, 5400 RPM or 7000 RPM maximum speeds, and 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 HP motors. 3" and 4" impellers, and mix container holder are included as standard. A tapered mixing shaft ensures vibration free operation. or 480-967-6218

    Aqueous Dispersions

    Alex Color Company

    The Alex Color Company manufactures low-cost, high quality aqueous dispersions for use in water-based inks and coatings. Al-Flex, Al-Gloss, Al-Sperse, C-series and new low VOC W-series dispersions are available. Custom dispersions are also available, all at very competitive prices. Since 1977, Alex Color Company has worked hard not to become the biggest dispersion manufacturer, but the best. The company offers its customers quality products, prompt, personalized service and outstanding value. For further information, please call toll-free at 888-ALEX-COLOR, or visit the web site at

    The Optiwhite Series

    Burgess Pigment Co.

    This company's brochure highlights its three Optiwhite thermosilicate products - Optiwhite, Optiwhite P and Optiwhite MX. According to the manufacturer, the products' opacity and flatting-efficiency properties give paint better performance.

    "Measure Solids in Minutes!"

    Arizona Instrument

    Computrac moisture analyzers, used in research and development, quality control, and industrial process control, measure solids content as low as 0.005 percent in as few as 3 minutes. Durable and easy to use, these analyzers are equally suitable for the production floor or the laboratory.



    Draiswerke Inc.

    No Development Lab should be without the MegaVantis® V-3 bench-top media mill from DRAIS. This low-cost, highly versatile mill is the answer to all processing problems experienced with existing lab mills. Accurate scale-up, heat removal, and reliable data are no longer foreign terms for milling and dispersing development. Particularly for pigmented dispersions, the DRAIS MegaVantis® V-3 has proven to mill down to less than 100 nm in a fraction of the time required by other lab mills. Batch sizes can range from 1 pint to 5 gallons, handling the widest range of viscosity than any other mill.

    Pigment Yellow 151


    DCC 7251 (Pigment Yellow 151) is a high performance Benzimidazolone Yellow developed specifically for coatings applications. This product offers a clean, opaque green shade yellow with excellent lightfastness and weatherfastness. DCC 7251 has improved strength and gloss retention versus DCC 7151 and Clariant H4G. For more information contact Mr. Howard Kennedy, Dominion Colour Corporation at 416-791-4239 or visit our website at

    High-Quality Binders and Polymer Additives

    Wacker Specialties

    Wacker Specialties is the global leader for high-quality binders and polymer additives. Products such as redispersible powders, dispersions, solid resins, powder binders and surface coating resins are used in the construction, automotive, and paints and coatings industries, as well as by manufacturers of printing inks. Additionally, this division has expertise as a provider of customized solutions in fine chemicals and biotechnology, including building blocks for syntheses in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agrochemical industries.

    Raw Material Distributor

    Lintech International

    From antioxidants to zinc oxide, Lintech International services the coatings industry with quality products from reputable manufacturers of specialty chemicals. Whether it is additives, biocides, fatty acids, fillers, oils or UV curing agents, the products are available for you. Resins, from acrylic to epoxy to urethanes, can be delivered by next-day LTL. Count on Lintech for your paints & coatings needs. PO Box 10225, Macon, GA 31297 877-LINTECH or 800-652-9297 Web address: E-mail:


    Eckart America

    HYDROSHINE™ is Eckart's newest aluminum dispersion for waterborne coating systems based on advanced PVD aluminum pigments. ECKART technology meets customer demand for gassing stability, humidity resistance and an enhanced optical performance to create a high gloss metallic appearance. Formulations can be tailored to achieve effects from molten metal to chrome like mirror appearances.



    Elcometer Inc.

    When you need to select an instrument for the quality control of surface coatings, look no further than the Elcometer Catalogue. We specialize in the design and manufacture of a complete range of instrumentation and test methods for coating process control, providing full range of products and services to meet your coating requirements. To request a free copy, contact our sales office at (800) 521-0635 or visit our website at

    3M™ Novec™


    3M Performance Materials Division

    3M Performance Materials Division continues to develop their line of high performance and sustainable 3M™ Novec™ fluorosurfactants for the paints and coatings industry. Efforts are currently underway to develop a water-borne fluorosurfactant specifically formulated for floor finish applications. Samples for evaluation may be available as early as March, 2004. Aluminum coated glass flakes having a micro-mirror type finish have also been introduced for appearance enhancement applications.

    K8 - New Buhler Bead Mill for Laboratory Tests

    Buhler Inc.

    The K8 is designed for table top operation and will handle products of various viscosities such as highly viscous pastes and pigment concentrates, printing inks of all types, UV and EB curing inks, coatings and many more. Quick set-up and assembly / disassembly of the K8 enables easy cleaning and product change over.


    Precision IBC

    Precision Valve Products offers a wide selection of the finest quality stainless steel and brass ball valves available. Our "Valves Direct" program eliminates multiple levels of marketing and distribution costs. You will see savings of 35% to 40% with our foundry direct program. Do not buy another ball valve until you visit us at

    HALOX® 510


    HALOX® 510 is a liquid organic corrosion inhibitor for high gloss (direct to metal) coating systems, and will provide cost effective flash rust protection and long-term corrosion protection when used as recommended. Testing has shown improved adhesion at the scribe and effective flash rust inhibitition on weld seams. HALOX® 510 is heavy metal and nitrite free and contains no chromates or phosphates.

    Grinding Media Balls

    Hoover Precision Products Inc.

    Grind with the experts! Let Hoover help you determine the appropriate Media for your applications. Hoover Precision Products is a manufacture of Precision, Semi-Precision and Grinding Media Balls. Sizes range from .3mm to over 7 inches in diameter. Hoover Precision Products, can manufacture virtually any material, size or grade required.

    Zinger® Horizontal Media Mill


    Documented lab and field performance tests report the Zinger® horizontal media mill, manufactured by Morehouse-COWLES™, a division of MFIC Corporation, can process up to twice the volume of larger capacity horizontal media mills in fewer passes or shorter cycle times. The Zinger® horizontal media mill's patented rotor vanes thrust media radially outward through the slurry. Patented flow direction control the bars on the mill's chamber walls decelerate the media and direct it back to the rotor for re-acceleration. This continuous acceleration/deceleration of media greatly increases shear, even high-viscosity products. For information about a 30-day, no-obligation trial contact: 800-370-5452 or

    Testing. Solutions. Formulations. Custom Manufacturing.


    Solgenesis offers the tools you need to take your products, your services, and your ideas to where you want to go. A service of Goodyear Chemical, Solgenesis offers immediate access to world class technical experts, best-in-class polymer technology, analytical laboratory and scale up facilities to bring your products to life. To learn more, call 1-800-548-8107 or visit us @

    778BN Brown

    Hoover Color Corp.

    Have you seen "The Good Stuff"? We're talking about our beautiful, semi-transparent 778BN Brown. With this pigment, you can achieve the Van Dyke brown shade and undertone without the grinding problems. 778BN is easy dispersing and also exhibits higher tinting strength. Give our 778BN a look it's "The Good Stuff".

    Self-Burping Tube



    Product innovation and design that has received recognition and reward through distinguished achievement in product packaging. The "Self-Burping Tube" is printed using the latest UV ink technology, assuring bright, high-gloss colors that accurately match your corporate colors. Let us show you our true colors. For more info, call toll-free 877-990-9917, or e-mail

    Chameleon Pump Technology™

    Zenith Pumps

    With more than 20 years experience providing flushable metering pumps to the paints and coatings industries, Zenith Pumps presents Chameleon Pump Technology™. Together with the superior metering performance and long service life that Zenith is known for, Chameleon Pump Technology™ offers quick, effective, in-process flushing for applications requiring frequent color changes or where flow stagnation is a concern.

    Sonolator™ Systems

    Sonic Corporation

    Sonic offers Prop Mixers, Colloid Mills, Rotor-Stator In-line Mixers, Continuous Blending Systems and our patented Sonolator™ Systems to meet a range of mixing and homogenizing needs. The Sonolator™ systems are unique and offer continuous, in-line processing of difficult emulsions and dispersions. Sonolator™ systems offer multiple-feed processing where water doesn't need to be tanked and heated. Production systems are directly scalable from Benchtop and Pilot Sonolator™ units. Visit our web site at or call (203) 375-0063 to discuss complimentary lab testing services.

    Solvent Selector Chart, Publication M-167

    Eastman Chemical Company

    Eastman's Solvent Selector Chart has long been a favorite of coatings formulators because it provides a wealth of information on the selection of Eastman and non-Eastman solvents based on desired physical properties. Eastman also offers this same information online, accessible at e-solvents chart. For more information on Eastman Solvents and Coalescents, check out www. or call 1-800-EASTMAN or 1-423-229-2000.

    Urethane Applications

    VanDeMark Inc.

    New, eight-page application bulletin describes the use of PTSI

    (p-toluenesulfonyl isocyanate), a low-viscosity, reactive additive, as a water scavenger in the formulation of specialty urethane products including sealants, adhesives and coatings. For additional information, contact VanDeMark Inc., One North Transit

    Road, Lockport, NY 14095; 716/433.6764; fax 716/433.2850.

    Epoxy Curative for Green Concrete

    Air Products and Chemicals

    Air Products' Anquamine® 287 curing agent is unique in that it is a concrete primer and curing compound in one. It makes green concrete fully functional in less than 48 hours without the need for shotblasting. Which means you can cure, prime and coat in two days, not the typical 28. Because it's a zero VOC waterborne epoxy, application and clean up are easy. For information or free product samples, contact Air Products and Chemicals at 800-345-3148, or epoxyadditives.

    New High Performance Metallics Brochure


    MD-Both's new HIGH PERFORMANCE METALLICS brochure now includes a thorough representation of our metallic pigment products for industrial applications such as paints, coatings, powder coatings, and pigmenting plastics. Included in the brochure are our: Leafing and Non-Leafing Aluminum pellets, powders & pastes; Vacuum-Metallized Aluminum slurries; and Gold Bronze/Copper powders and pastes. For more information, visit

    High-Speed Dispersers

    Charles Ross & Son Co.

    A line of high-speed dispersers is available in sizes from 1/2 hp to 200 hp, to handle batches as large as 2,000 gal. Built with wetted parts of type 304 stainless steel, the dispersers include air/oil hydraulic lift, explosion-proof inverter duty motors, and adjustable mix can lock mechanisms to permit use of different size mix vessels. Fixed-tank models of the dispersers are also available.

    Dual-Shaft Mixer


    The Reynolds dual-shaft mixer is a powerful, efficient and versatile mixer. Achieve optimum batch turnover with the low-speed agitator, patented helical blade design and high-speed disperser. This design provides exceptional consistency and control of temperature, viscosity, particle size, color and other mixing process variables. All our mixers are available with electric or hydraulic drives. Units can be standard, TEFC or explosion proof. Call our Sales Department at 803-548-4301 for more information or visit our new website at

    Solucote 117-237

    Soluol, Inc.

    An OH terminated aliphatic waterborne polyurethane polymer. Designed for use with a polyisocyanate crosslinker in two component waterborne coatings. The crosslinked coatings exhibit excellent hardness, abrasion resistance, flexibility, chemical and solvent resistance properties. The aliphatic backbone of Solucote 117-237 provides excellent UV resistance making it suitable for both interior and exterior uses.

    Blending/Dispersion Blades

    Conn & Co.

    The Conn Blades® are the only blending/dispersion blades that provide true pumping action for complete material circulation. The ITT style is the most aggressive. The IT style provides the same superior pumping but is gentle enough for shear-sensitive material circulation. The ITC is a great material mover with moderate shear. Conn Blades attain results in a shorter time with less heat generated. Users may discover new equipment isn't needed - just the right blade.


    Monomer Booklet

    Degussa Methacrylates

    Degussa Methacrylates is offering its comprehensive monomer booklet which provides chemists and formulators with a broad commercial product range of high-performance methacrylate monomer building blocks. The booklet demonstrates Degussa's expertise in large-scale production of monomers and leadership in the development of new specialty methacrylate monomers. This versatile format provides a useful reference for specific monomer applications and properties to faclitate R & D efforts. Call toll-free (877)ROHM-USA, or order your booklet at If ordering on-line, be sure to request the "Monomer Sales Range and Applications" booklet.


    Nissan Chemical America Corporation

    Organosilicasol is colloidal silica dispersed in organic solvent. It improves the quality of plastics, films, paints and much more.


    Excellent Stability, Binding, Dispersion, Wide Selection, Frictionizing, Transparency, Scratch/Mar/Chip Resistance, Narrow Particle Distribution


    Textile Treatment, Metal Surface Treatment, Modification of Paints, Coatings - Clear coats, Micro Filler for Film, Hard Coating for Plastics


    Cook Composites and Polymers

    CCP (Cook Composites and Polymers), along with its sister companies Cray Valley and Sartomer, ranks second worldwide in production of coatings resins. All three companies are affiliates of ATOFINA, fifth largest chemical company in the world. Known for solution-oriented research, readiness to assist customers, and a long-held reputation for product innovation, CCP consistently brings to the marketplace the best in product technologies. For a copy of CCP's new Coatings Resins Catalog, featuring Water Reducible, High Solids, Conventional Acrylic and Conventional Resins, Additives, Polyols for 2 Package Urethanes, Silicone Copolymer, and Acrylic Emulsions products, call 800-820-1242, ext 6335.

    Product Services Catalog


    CHEMCENTRAL, the nation's largest independent chemical distributor, is a convenient, single-source supplier for a complete line of quality products and value-added services. Its Product and Services catalog features a comprehensive listing of products - liquid or solid - from the industry's leading producers, consistently conforming to your exact specifications for bulk and intermediate bulk container, drum or bag. For more information, call 800/331.6174 or visit the company's web site at


    KW Plastics

    The KWCan® is the result of years of research and testing. Its advanced polypropylene body out performs metal and other plastic containers. The KWCan® resists dents and rust with superior stress compression strength, seal and reseal ability, and consistent volumetrics for standard weight and dimensions. Call KW Plastics, the international leader in plastic resin engineering, at 1-888-279-9994 for more information.

    ClearCommand HCS


    The ClearCommand HCS from MSA simplifies radio communications, so workers can focus on their work while getting the critical information they need. The system snaps over the nape strap of any MSA industrial-style helmet with ratchet suspension. It is ideal for work in areas where communication is essential. The ClearCommand HCS is intrinsically safe, compatible with most 2-way radios and weighs only 5.3 ounces. For additional information, call your MSA Distributor or 1-800-MSA-2222. Ask for Bulletin 3639-02. Or check

    New Waterborne Defoamer

    Air Products and Chemicals

    Air Products' Surfynol® MD-20 defoamer, based on Gemini surfactant technology, is a multifunctional defoamer that provides foam control and dynamic wetting, with the ability to reduce overall additive levels - all while minimizing surface defects. This novel surfactant is also exceptionally effective at eliminating microfoam and other foam related defects in waterborne systems. For more information contact Air Products and Chemicals at 800-345-3148, or

    Arctic Pigments

    The Shepherd Color Company

    Arctic pigments from The Shepherd Color Company reflect infrared light, reducing heat build-up in outdoor products and offering unique spectral characteristics for camouflage and other specialty coatings. A six minute video presentation introduces the technology, demonstrates how it works, discusses the benefits conveyed - and comes complete with a surprise ending!

    For more information, please visit or call (513) 874-0714.

    The Liner People

    CDF Corporation

    CDF Corporation offers a complete line of standard and custom vacuum-formed inserts for pails and drums, 2 gallons, up to 55 gallons; steel, plastic or fiber. Liner inserts keep drums and pails clean and out of the waste stream and save users significant money compared to replacing containers after each use. A wide variety of materials and accessories are available.

    Coating Thickness Gages


    DeFelsko announces a new catalog featuring their line of coating thickness gages and inspection instruments. Included is the popular PosiTector 6000 series used to measure coating thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals quickly and accurately. Also included in the mini-cat; PosiTest and PosiPen for measuring on steel, PosiTector Dew Point Meter and the PosiTector Ultrasonic Thickness Gage, among others. 8 pages.





    Michelman, Inc.

    The new brochure for Michelman's Performance Additives Group highlights a range of wax emulsions, specialty dispersions, and micronized wax powders which are used in formulations for industries, such as Can & Coil Coatings, Fiberglass, Ink & Graphic Arts, and Paints, Coatings & Varnishes. Formulations can be modified to increase slip properties, rub resistance, anti-blocking and water resistance. Custom formulating wax emulsions and specialty dispersions to fit customers' specific applications is one of Michelman's strengths. Contact your Michelman representative for more information.

    Reisperse Pigment Dispersions

    Reitech Corporation

    Reitech offers 32 years of dispersing experience in a full line of waterborne pigment dispersions for many applications. We specialize in custom dispersion development to meet any specifications in paints or coatings. Call 1-800-836-4173 or 610-929-9451 to request additional information.

    www.reitechcorporation. Com

    Why Kady?

    Kady International

    Kady International offers innovative mixing/dispersion solutions to help your production line meet its maximum potential. Kady's unique rotor stator technology leads to superior dispersion results reducing production time and equipment costs. See and hear how this time tested equipment works by requesting one of our CD's at 207-883-4141 or by contacting us through our Web site:

    Catalog Features IBC Spare Parts

    Hoover Materials Handling Group, Inc.

    This comprehensive 24-page catalog details Hoover's complete line of quality parts and accessories for IBCs and Dry Handling equipment. It provides fast reference to the most common spare parts used with Hoover's IBCs and side-door bins. Parts are compatible with other IBC brands. All parts are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hoover Materials Handling Group, Inc., 8801 Wallisville Road, Suite A, Houston, Texas 77029; toll-free 800-371-8683, or online at

    Product Displacement Pigging Systems

    Inline Services

    Inline Services' new brochure illustrates their Product Displacement Pigging Systems. Used for product displacement and pipe cleaning, the system is highly effective for displacing usable product, separating product batches and removing any remaining residuals. The system can increase production efficiency and greatly reduce the amount of wasted product and disposal costs.

    Thingk Alberdingk!

    Alberdingk Boley, Inc.

    Alberdingk Boley, Inc. is a global leader in water borne resin technology with manufacturing in North America and Europe. Alberdingk Boley has a long history of developing and marketing innovative, high performance environment-friendly, Polyurethane and acrylic polymers as well as UV curable resins for the coatings industry. Thingk Alberdingk for your coatings development needs. Alberdingk Boley Inc. is proud to announce its New Corporate Headquarters in North America. Please take note of our new address and telephone numbers: 6008 High Point Road, Greensboro, NC 27407, Main: 336-454-5000, 1-866-220-4750, Fax: 336-454-5007.


    Yellow MR70

    Clariant, Pigments

    & Additives

    Novoperm Yellow MR70 pigment is more brilliant and more opaque for yellow and orange shades. High chroma, and very good rheology. Highly suitable for lead-free industrial coatings formulations. For more information contact Clariant Corporation, Pigments & Additives, 800-441-4414.

    New Horizontal Self-Cleaning Eco Filter®

    Russell Finex Inc.

    Russell Finex Inc. introduces the new Horizontal Self-Cleaning Eco Filter® developed to filter paint, varnishes, inks and resins at all stages of production. All over the world, production and quality control managers rely on Russell Self-Cleaning Filters to improve product quality and reduce product wastage. The award winning design enables rapid dis-assembly for cleaning and product changeover without the need for tools. Call us today to discover how Russell can improve your coatings and your reputation. Phone: 704-588-9808. Web:

    New Tegokat Catalysts

    Goldschmidt Industrial Chemical Corp

    TEGOKAT 220P - non-mercury catalyst with improved selectivity for thick film polyurethane applications; TEGOKAT 221/222 - minimizes catalyst-induced color in polyurethane systems compared to DBTL; TEGOKAT 225 - enhanced through-cure characteristics in polyurethane systems compared to DBTL; TEGOKAT 217 - enhanced silicone cure and improved toxicity profile; Tego SSSA - A sulfonate-based modifier that is used to prepare weather-resistant, durable water dispersible polymers having lower viscocsity and improved flexibility, without the need for neutralizing amines.

    ACRYFLOW™ Polyols For High-Performance Industrial Maintenance and Marine Coatings

    Lyondell Chemical Company

    Lyondell issued a brochure detailing use of its ACRYFLOW™ acrylic polyols in industrial maintenance and marine coatings. It highlights how Lyondell's high-solids, low molecular weight hydroxyl-functional acrylic polymers offer numerous advantages to a variety of VOC compliant, durable thermoset coatings. The brochure also describes the unique ACRYFLOW chemistry and the property improvements their use imparts to coatings. To download a copy of the brochure, visit

    Hostaperm® Blue

    Clariant, Pigments

    & Additives

    Clariant has a full range of Copper-Phthalocyanine Blues pigments from red shade to green shade crystal forms. For Automotive OEM, Auto refinish, Industrial Paints, Powder Coatings and Architectural Paints. ISO certification. For more information contact Clariant Corporation, Pigments & Additives, 800-441-4414.


    Johnson Polymer

    Johnson Polymer's JONCRYL® technologies are known and respected throughout the global paint & coatings community. Its industry-leading technical services team specializes in consultative customer guidance. Johnson Polymer shows environmental commitment by consistently offering innovations in water-based polymer technology. Request your JONCRYL Selection Guide and/or CD-ROM today to learn more about Johnson Polymer's product lines. Johnson Polymer, LLC, Phone: 800-231-7868, email:

    Modular Compact Rheometer MCR

    Anton Paar USA, Physica Rheology Division

    The MCR series of instruments from Physica feature a wide range of accessories and can be configured for applications ranging from simple QC/QA testing to advanced research and development. Application-specific tests are pre-programmed for adhesives, paints, coatings, polymers, and more, simplifying and analysis and report generation.


    Bayer Chemicals

    Bayer Chemicals‘ broad-spectrum biocides, fungicides, and mildewcides deliver superior antimicrobial properties. Bayer's pigments can produce a wide spectrum of colors with lasting brightness. Borchers' coatings additives solve your flow and leveling, dispersing and rheological needs. Bayer's Wolff Cellulosics Competence Center is one of the leading suppliers of nitrocellulose as a binding agent. Contact Bayer at 800-662-2927, visit or

    Archer RC™


    Archer RC™ reactive coalescent is a naturally derived alternative to traditional coalescing solvents for latex paints. When tested as part of a representative paint formulation, Archer RC™ reactive coalescent does not contribute to VOC emissions, according to EPA Method 24. Unlike traditional solvent-based coalescing agents, which volatize into the atmosphere upon drying, Archer RC™ reactive coalescent remains in the paint, forming a strong and durable film.

    DICAP™ Acid Polyester Diols

    GEO Specialty Chemicals

    GEO Specialty Chemicals is introducing: DICAP™ Acid Polyester Diols. DICAP™ products are polyester diols with a pendant carboxylic functional group. The use of DICAP products can eliminate the often tricky pre-polymer manufacturing step, resulting in greater production through-put and less off-quality product. These pre-polymers are excellent for the production of LOWor NO VOC waterborne polyurethane dispersions for use in adhesives, surface coatings, and inks.

    New Acrylic Emulsion


    Reichhold is proud to introduce Arolon 848, an acrylic emulsion designed to produce durable coatings offering very good corrosion and humidity resistance, even in coatings as thin as 1 mil. Other key features include good thin-film prohesion and hardness, good flexibility, excellent block resistance, inhibitive pigment stability and excellent adhesion to various plastics and metals, including galvanized steel. This versatile workhorse resin is suitable for both OEM and Industrial Maintenance coatings and can easily be formulated for airless spray in HAP's-free solvents. For more information or to request a sample, contact your Reichhold sales representative or send an e-mail to .

    MCF Paint, Ink & Coatings Filter

    RPA Process Technologies

    RPA Process Technologies' new MCF magnetically driven self-cleaning filter system was designed specifically to address the challenges of filtering paint, ink, and coatings. Semi-permanent media retains valuable product that would be otherwise lost during disposable media changeout. A simple design with only 3 wear parts reduces spare parts stocking needs. For a free copy of our brochure please call +1 866-867-2900 or e-mail us at

    Cuprous Oxide

    American Chemet

    Look to the proven product from the technology leader for marine antifouling.

    PO Box 437, Deerfield, IL 60015

    Phone: 847-948-0800,

    Fax: 847-948-0811,

    WACKER BS® Coatings

    Wacker Silicones

    To help preserve and protect. The Easter Island Moais. U.S. Capital. The Kremlin. What do they have in common? They're all protected with Wacker BS® coatings. Wacker BS® coatings help increase the life of your structures - and prolong the appearance of your coatings - by protecting against water absorption, dirt pickup and micro-organism growth. For more information, contact Wacker Silicones, 3301 Sutton Road, Adrian, MI 49221. Phone 1.866.260.4538. Website:



    CPS COLOR has introduced TEVOCOLOR™ colorants for the tinting of waterborne industrial coatings. Based on novel resin technology, the TEVOCOLOR™ colorant system features outstanding fastness properties, enhanced opacity, and excellent rheology for improved performance in both manual and automatic dispensing machines. Superior compatibility is exhibited with the latest waterborne coatings technology including 2K polyurethanes, 2K epoxies, acrylics, alkyds and polyesters. Colorants are APE-free and possess VOC levels below 95 g/l.

    Product Overview Brochure

    International Specialty Products

    International Specialty Products, Inc. (ISP) is offering a product overview brochure detailing the physical properties and potential benefits of its industrial biocides, BIOTREND® biocides, NUOCIDE® fungicides and algaecides, FUNGITROL® fungicides and NUOSEPT® preservatives. To obtain a copy, contact ISP Customer Service at 1-800-522-4423; or for technical assistance, call 1-866-BIOTREND (1-866-246-8736).

    NEW byko-charts


    BYK-Gardner, your reliable partner for innovative testing solutions for coatings, is introducing our new byko-charts. Our new byko-charts are available in many different forms and styles including opacity, penopac, opacity/display, spreading rate, display, and plain white charts. We also have many sizes to exactly match your needs. Samples are available now for testing, so please do not hesitate to give us a call.


    Ashland Distribution Company

    Ashland Distribution Company provides an extensive range of commodity and specialty chemicals and hydrocarbons to customers in all industries. Combining exceptional supplier connections with the world's best-known producers, one of the largest warehousing and distribution networks in North America, and local sales and service people, Ashland has the processes in place to make sure your orders arrive on time, accurate and complete. Call us at 1-888-444-3040, or visit

    Raw Materials

    Dorsett & Jackson Inc.

    For western states only: Ask for your free pocket guide to raw materials carried by this highly respected west-coast distributor. Handy and well-organized, you'll find dozens of additives, containers, extenders and fillers, flame retardants, pigments, dyes and resins from the top manufacturers in the industry. You can find us on the web at: www.dorsettandjack or you can email us at:

    Diaphragm Pumps

    offer Flow Rates from

    5 to 275 GPM

    Graco Inc.

    Graco Husky™ air-operated double diaphragm pumps feature 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2 and 3-inch sizes with maximum flow rates from 5 - 275 gpm for transferring paint, industrial chemicals, ink, cleaners, adhesives, sealants, and lubricants. The self-priming pumps feature a patented Husky air valve with closed-center design eliminates sticking commonly experienced with spool-valve models. A variety of construction materials are available so each Husky pump can be customized to meet exact fluid transfer requirements.

    Micro Milling Beads

    Jyoti Ceramic Industries Pvt. Ltd., India

    Zirconox micro beads are sapphire hard, tough, glossy, satin-smooth, lowest in co-efficient of friction, highest in density, mill faster high viscous formulations such as auto and allied paints, etc. Zirconox beads are closely at par with Yttria stabilized TZP beads in milling and wear performance, cost-wise 4 to 5 times lower. For more information, call our toll-free number 1-888 JYOTI CO. or visit our website


    Wacker Silicones

    Why have just one color, when you can have them all. By incorporating Helicone® HC and HELIPLUS® color transition pigments into your formulations you can create a unique appearance and dramatic special effects. Helicone® HC pigments are cost-effective, receptive to all resin technologies, and provide consistent and controllable results. For more information and an Applications Guide, contact Wacker Silicones, 3301 Sutton Road, Adrian, MI 49221. Phone: 1.866.260.4538. Website:

    Literature Promotes New Technology Products

    Troy Corp.

    Troy is pleased to introduce product literature for new technology preservatives and additives. The literature features information on the benefits of low VOC Troy technologies, including safe handling characteristics, competitive cost-in-use, and maximum performance. To request literature on Troy products or to see how Troy can work with you to develop a customized partnership to create unique solutions,


    King's New

    General Brochure

    King Industries

    King Industries has just introduced its all new 36 page Guide to High Performance Additives featuring; Nacure® & K-Cure® Acid and Blocked Acid Catalysts, K-Kat® Catalysts for Urethanes, K-Flex® Polyester Polyols and Urethane Diols, K-Stay® Rheology Modifiers, K-Sperse® Dispersants, Nacorr® Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors, Nacure® Super Catalysts for Epoxies and Disparlon® Thixotropes and Surface Control Agents.

    Discover the

    SANDPIPER® Solution

    Warren Rupp, Inc.

    Stroke Counter/Batch Control System turns your diaphragm pump into an accurate, controllable pump system. This industrial-grade control eliminates troublesome and expensive flow-sensing devices. It will run pre-programmed batches and formulas with 1%-3% repeatable accuracy. Call us at (419) 524-8388 for information on the RuppTech® Stroke Counter/Batch Control System or our many other accessories available for your air-operated double diaphragm pumps manufactured by Warren Rupp, Inc.

    Wax Additives Brochure

    Micro Powders Inc.

    This new expanded brochure details the company's complete range of specialty additives for use in paint, coatings and ink formulations. These technically advanced, micronized waxes, wax dispersions and emulsions include synthetic, polyethylene, PTFE, polypropylene and several unique combinations that are suited for special applications. The expanded applications section details a variety of end uses. Tel: 914/793.4058,

    Fax: 914/472.7098 or Email:



    Basic manufacturer of a wide range of organic pigments for the coatings industries and distributor of micronized titanium dioxide.