PORTLAND, ME - Ian C. Edwards, Global Business director, DuPont Titanium Technologies, will deliver the keynote address at TiO2 2003, Intertech's eighth international titanium dioxide forum and business-development conference. The event is scheduled for Feb. 3-5, 2003, in Miami.

Intertech said conference topics will include regional TiO2 consumption rates, prices, end-user developments, trends in feedstock quality and supply, pigment-processing technology, opportunities for specialty TiO2 grades, and the impact on TiO2 usage by the use of extenders such as clays and precipitated calcium carbonates. Two pre-conference workshops are also planned - "An Evaluation of TiO2 Mineral Feedstock Operations and Projects," and "Technical Requirements and Opportunities for the Use of TiO2 in Plastics."

For more information, phone 207/781.9800, e-mail info@interechusa.com or visit www.intertechusa.com.