Tnemec Co. Inc., Kansas City, MO, announced a nationwide offer to donate red, white and blue paint to municipalities that want to paint the American flag on water towers coated with products supplied by the company. "Tnemec paints a majority of America's water towers, and we thought this is a great way to show our thanks to those towns offering patriotic support in these challenging times," said Tex Enoch, the company's director of Tanks Market. The company, a major supplier of coatings for water-tank and other industrial-maintenance and architectural applications, said it drew inspiration for the donation offer from a community project in Hannibal, MO, the boyhood home of Mark Twain. Coatings Solutions, an independent Tnemec representative agency, and MECO Engineering of Hannibal donated the materials and labor to paint two American flags on the city's 750,000-gal water tower. "Like church steeples, water towers forever define America's skylines," Enoch said. The company said that due to the need to ensure product compatibility, only water towers coated with Tnemec paints qualify for the offer.