WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA — ASTM Committee D01 on Paints and Related Coatings, Materials and Applications issued an invitation to volunteers and other participants for the review and critiquing of ISO test methods for paint and varnishes.

The committee serves as the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to a subcommittee of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that is involved in general test methods for paint and varnishes. ASTM is scheduled to host ISO subcommittee meetings on June 11-13 in Pittsburgh.

ASTM Committee D01 said it is seeking participants to review and critique ISO test methods to ensure conformance with U.S. standards. Interested parties should contact Thomas J. Sliva, DL Labs, at 212/777.4445, e-mail dllabs@aol.com; or Tim Brooke, ASTM Committee D01, at 610/832.9729, e-mail tbrooke@astm.org.