Radiation curing technology is emerging as an ecologically sound technology that can increase production, decrease energy usage, improve working conditions, and improve profit margins. This book, which is also known at ASTM as Manual 45, is written in a style that makes the topic easy to handle for neophytes, managers, government personnel and scientists dealing with the technology and its application to coatings, inks, adhesives, and sealants. Such personnel will find it easy to go from the printed pages to their particular work area in ultraviolet, electron beam or visible radiation. The book relies on detailed, understandable explanations rather than numerous figures and tables that often require readers' interpretation.

The 13 chapters deal with all aspects of this technology and range from information about radiation to the broad variety of end uses that are served by radiation cured systems. Other topics include curing equipment, discussions about cationic and free radical photoinitiators and their mechanisms of initiation, cationic and free radical polymerization systems, vinyl ethers, ultraviolet radiation-curable powder coatings and other dual-cure mechanisms that couple radiation with other curing techniques, adhesives - particularly pressure sensitive adhesives and release coatings, additives, and safety and health considerations. Also included is a glossary of terms assembled by RadTech that represents the accepted terminology used in the ultraviolet radiation curing industry. The book contains over 1,100 references that document the information and guide the reader to sources of available information in this field. The book also documents several interesting events that took place in the early days of radiation curing.

Specific end uses for radiation-cured systems are highly varied in nature. However, some major application areas for the technology include automotive, electrical/electronics, magnetic media, optical components, graphic arts, plastics, stereolithography and wood. Within, and in addition to, these areas are a multitude of particular end uses in which the radiation-curing industry participates. Almost more importantly, these areas are growing in number and in size as industry realizes the benefits obtainable from radiation curing.

The book sells for $79 in North America and $87 elsewhere (shipping and handling included).
Hard Cover, 240 pages, Published 2002,
ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA
ISBN: 0-8031-2095-8