WASHINGTON - A Massachusetts state representative has filed legislation that would impose a 5% tax on the sale of paint to provide funding for a newly created "Lead Paint Abatement Assistance Fund," the NPCA reported.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Marie St. Fleur, would be imposed on the purchase of paint, glaze or other surface coating intended for use in homes or for services performed. The bill calls for the tax to be collected at the point of sale, the NPCA said.

Under the measure, funds generated by the tax would be used to assist landlords and homeowners who do not qualify for existing grants or loans in the removal of lead-based paint. Administration of the fund would be the responsibility of the city of Boston and several other Massachusetts cities and the state Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program operated by the Department of Public Health.

David Lloyd, NPCA vice president, Government Affairs, said representatives of the Massachusetts Paint Council are likely to testify against the measure when hearings are held during the upcoming legislative session that begins in January.