Products to keep an eye on.

Huber Engineered Materials
Protective Pigments
Huber Engineered Materials

HuberGuard‰ protective performance pigments are engineered barrier pigment systems designed to provide powerful corrosion and chemical resistance, low viscosity build, and flexible formulating for any possible color. Formulations with the pigments significantly strengthen the coating's barrier properties and limit the transfer of penetrants that cause breakdown of the cured film. Call 404/949.5464, or e-mail

Bluish-Red Pigment
Ciba Specialty Chemicals

Ciba® IRGAZIN® DPP Red Ultra Opaque is a high-performance, opaque, bluish-red pigment for automotive, coil and powder coatings. The pigment has an intrinsically bluish shade and combines high color strength with excellent opacity, enabling paint manufacturers to achieve attractive opaque bordeaux shades at a realistic film thickness. The product can be used together with transparent blue shading pigments such as Ciba CINQUASIA® Magenta RT 355 D, CINQUASIA Violet R RT 101 D and IRGAZIN Red A2BN. Call +41 61 63 65092 or e-mail tom.landuydt@

EFKA Additives

EFKA-4300 and EFKA-4330 polymeric dispersants are based on controlled, free-radical polymerization. This novel process allows the design of tailor-made acrylic block copolymers with narrow molecular weight distributions. EFKA-4300 and EFKA-4330 are the first commercially available polymeric dispersants to be manufactured using this process. Both of these high-molecular-weight dispersants offer distinct advantages in viscosity reduction, increased pigment loading, improved pigment stabilization and compatibility in a range of systems. Call 330/920.4420 or e-mail

Acrylic Polyols
Lyondell Chemical Co.

ACRYFLOW™ A90 and P90 acrylic polyols complete a resin system designed to provide wide formulation latitude and reduce resin inventories and costs, while shortening time-to-market for new industrial maintenance, automotive, transportation, general industrial, wood and plastic coatings. The ACRYFLOW family of polyols now consists of five resins (P90, P120, M100, A90 and A140) designed to work together in a system called the Resin Management Concept™ (RMC). RMC gives formulators the flexibility they need to create a multitude of products with only five resins, rather than dozens. Call 610/359.2054, or visit

Flame-Retardant Resins
Rhodia Engineering Plastics

This company has introduced a range of flame-retardant polyamide resins without halogen or red phosphorous additives. Technyl Star™ S 60G1 V30 represents a market breakthrough due to its unique combination of high mechanical performance, flame-retardant properties and high-flow polymer base. This high-flow, 30% glass-filled halogen and red phosphorus-free flame-retardant grade, rated ULV0, is designed to fit a wide spectrum of highly demanding electrical applications. Call +33 4 72 89 27 53, or e-mail Christine.bourguignon@eu.