Thickness Gauge and Software
Automation USA
Version 6.1 of the QuaNix software from this company is now available. The software provides detailed statistical reports such as histograms and other charts and graphs. When used with the QuaNix Keyless Coating Thickness Gauge, measurements appear immediately on the computer screen, eliminating the need to download readings later. Circle No. 129

McPherson Inc.
The vacuum ultraviolet absorbance spectrophotometer can perform dual-beam measurements of absorbance, transmittance and reflectance at variable angles. It is the first vacuum-compatible double-beam system that simultaneously collects sample and reference spectra, the company says. Circle No. 130

Measurement System
RHE America LLC
A continuous viscosity and acid/hydroxy measurement system from this company can be used in the production of alkyd, polyester, esterimide, phenolic, amine, furane and epoxy resins, and printing ink binders. The system includes a sample circulation pump, a tempering device and a NIR spectrophotometer with transmission probe. Circle No. 131

Eagle Panels
This company announces that its Modular IR Ovens can be made to spec and shipped directly. The ovens are wired and plumbed, and have a new six-way IR mounting bracket for universal adjustment. Circle No 132