new materials in the industry

Arizona Chemical's Sylvacote 4969 resin, a maleic modified ester of a specially selected rosin feed, is now available to customers in the roadmarking industry. The material has been designed for use in thermoplastic roadmarkings that require the highest degree of color stability (yellow index) and oxidative stability in white formulations. It's high acid number provides for excellent glass bead adhesion, and it's high Tg leads to less blocking on the roads. Circle No. 156

Ciba Specialty Chemicals offers IRGACURE 250, a new iodonium salt for cationic curing of epoxy, oxetane, and vinyl ether formulations. Recommended applications are white base coatings, flexo inks, screen inks, adhesives, overprint varnishes. Circle No. 157

Clariant's Pigments & Additives Division introduces a new product for industrial non-impact printing. New items in the range are the magenta dispersions Hostafine Magenta E VP 2609 and Permajet Magenta E VP 2370 specially designed for outdoor use. Circle No. 158

Dock Resins Corp. now offers two additions to its DORESCO(r) acrylic resins for aerosol systems. AC4-104 is an acrylic resin for use in formulations to coat steel, glass, primed and unprimed aluminum foil, and other metals. L91-158 is an all-purpose acrylic resin that is compatible with most monomeric plasticizers, some polymeric plasticizers, most vinyl resins, chlorinated rubber, and nitrocellulose. Circle No. 159

Kessler Chemical Inc. announces the availability of its KessChem(tm)100 p-chlorobenzotrifluoride in heavy-duty, intermediate bulk containers. The product is also available in 55-gal drums and bulk isotanks. Circle No. 160

Noveon Inc. has made available Carboset 7722, an acrylic binder designed for low-VOC interior/exterior semi-gloss, high-gloss, satin, and flat latex enamels. The material can provide stain blocking and adhesion to glossy substrates. Circle No. 161